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All-Time Roster

We are in the process of posting the roster for every season since 1953. This is a work-in-progress. Currently, we only have the 1953, 1992, and 2013-2018 team rosters on the website.

If you have any yearbooks or game day programs from before 2002, please contact us.

1950's era Racine Raiders logoUnknown WillardT
1950's era Racine Raiders logoEd WithersHBUniversity of Wisconsin
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBill WoodFB
1950's era Racine Raiders logoCal VernonHBUniversity of Wisconsin
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBob WesloskiQBMarquette University
1950's era Racine Raiders logoMarv WiesenthFB
1950's era Racine Raiders logoMike SeeryE
1950's era Racine Raiders logoClarence SelfQB
1950's era Racine Raiders logoDick SikoraE
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBob TusslerT
1950's era Racine Raiders logoJack RielingFB
1950's era Racine Raiders logoTony RigoniEMarquette University
1950's era Racine Raiders logoUnknown RobertsT
1950's era Racine Raiders logoLarry PanbornTMarquette University
1950's era Racine Raiders logoGeorge PaulikHBUniversity of Notre Dame
1950's era Racine Raiders logoDenny QuillGSt. Benedict College
1950's era Racine Raiders logoTom McCormickGNorthwestern University
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBob NowickiGNorthwestern University
1950's era Racine Raiders logoJack OlleHB
1950's era Racine Raiders logoLarry OlsenEUniversity of Wisconsin-La Crosse
1950's era Racine Raiders logoUnknown KellyT
1950's era Racine Raiders logoDick MaresHBLoras College
1950's era Racine Raiders logoJoe MarkewiczHBDrake University
1950's era Racine Raiders logoRay HuisingaT
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBob HuntC
1950's era Racine Raiders logoDan KaiserEUniversity of Wyoming
1950's era Racine Raiders logoJack HayesTDetroit University
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBob HettingerQBSt. Mary's
1950's era Racine Raiders logoRalph HippleHBWilliam Penn College
1950's era Racine Raiders logoTom HughesC
1950's era Racine Raiders logoDick EagleECollege of Lake County
1950's era Racine Raiders logoJim FeestFBSt. Catherine's High School
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBob HandkeQBDrake University
1950's era Racine Raiders logoUnknown DyersT
1950's era Racine Raiders logoHarold DykstraT
1950's era Racine Raiders logoMarty DyllaG / K
1950's era Racine Raiders logoSantos DeRoseC
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBob DoyleHBSt. Ambrose College
1950's era Racine Raiders logoJack DulfillTNorthwestern University
1950's era Racine Raiders logoRoy BushellHB
1950's era Racine Raiders logoJoe CookGQuincy College
1950's era Racine Raiders logoDon DeerwesterFBUniversity of Miami
1950's era Racine Raiders logoJim DenealHB
1950's era Racine Raiders logoRuss BoldusG
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBob BursonQB
1950's era Racine Raiders logoSquire BushT
1950's era Racine Raiders logoBud BarrieE
1950's era Racine Raiders logoRon BochekE
1950's era Racine Raiders logoClay BoldusC
1950's era Racine Raiders logoVic AndersonT
Connor Flannery1Connor FlanneryWR6' 1"205University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Gary Griffin1Gary GriffinQB6' 0"230Concordia University Wisconsin
David Hodgson1David HodgsonK5' 9"170University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Justin Benko2Justin BenkoLB6' 0"225North Park University
Brent Klapperich2Brent KlapperichLB
Klae Scott3Klae Scott
Alex Wallace3Alex WallaceWR6' 0"193University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Austin-Tenner3Austin TennerRB5' 5"175Carthage College
Tony Henner4Anthony HennerQB6' 1"215South New Hampshire University
Tracy Baskin5Tracy BaskinDB6' 0"190St. Catherine's High School
Stephen Jackson5Stephen JacksonQB6' 2"230North Dakota State College of Science
Paul Umscheid5Paul Umscheid
Steve Dawson5Steve DawsonWR5' 11"190Faulkner University
Jordan Payne5Jordan PayneWR6' 2"225Alcorn State University
Gregg Thelen5Gregg ThelenQB
J.R. Taylor6J.R. TaylorRB6' 1"250Eastern Illinois University
Qadeem Shakoor6Qadeem Shakoor IIIQB6' 3"175University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Tom Benko6Tom BenkoRB6' 0"225North Park University
Jedeniah Hardy7J.D. HardyDB6' 1"190Waukegan High School
Shun Glass7Shun Glass
Torrie Tyson7Torrie TysonRB6' 0"190Carthage College
D.J. Brown7D.J. BrownQB5' 11"202Eastern Illinois University
Mike Reisterer7Mike ReistererQB6' 2"195Hope College
Erick Sanders8Erick SandersDB5' 8"165University of Wisconsin - Waukesha
D.J. Smith9D.J. SmithWR5' 8"182University of Findlay
No photo available9Charlie BlissQB6' 1"200Northeastern Illinois
Floyd Underwood12Floyd UnderwoodRB5' 5"181University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff
Kurt Hintz12Kurt HintzK
Mitchell Farr12Mitchell FarrQB6' 2"195Central Methodist University
No photo available12Rolf SchmitzQB6' 2"215University of North Dakota
Tyler Elliott13Tyler ElliottTE6' 1"220University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Gary Young14Gary YoungDL6' 3"260Bemidji State University
Jan Jeffery Contract14Jan JefferyRB5' 10"223Moraine Valley Technical College
Lawerance Peters14Lawerance PetersWR6' 1"235Rufus King High School
Anthony Johnson15Anthony JohnsonQB6' 0"230University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Steve Morris15Steve MorrisWR5' 11"202University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Jason Schultz15Jason Schultz
Antoine McKinney15Antoine McKinneyQB5' 11"195Gallaudet University
David Robbins15David RobbinsWR5' 11"175University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Joel DaPra16Joel DaPraK/P5' 11"175St. Catherine's High School
16Donley CareyLB / DB6' 0"185William Horlick High School
Gordy Bittner, Jr.16Gordy Bittner, Jr.QB6' 1"175Mesabi Range Community College
R.J. Mattucci16R.J. MattucciQB5' 11"190Aurora University
T.J. Hearn16T.J. HearnK6' 5"175University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
No photo available16Frank JohnsonWR6' 0"180Carthage College
Terrence Fitch17Terrence FitchWR6' 1"205University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Mike Morrison17Mike MorrisonP5' 11"190University of Wisconsin-Stout
Jason Pardo17Jason PardoDB5' 8"210Washington Park High School
Dan Knuese17Dan KnueseP6' 1"200Western Illinois University
Josh Tylski18Josh TylskiQB6' 3"192Carthage College
Brandon Zoeller18Brandon ZoellerDB5' 8"160University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Kyle Pohjola18Kyle PohjolaQB5' 11"195Carroll University
Channing Schultz18Channing SchultzDB6' 0"160Iowa Central College
Jesus Gonzalez19Jesus GonzalezWR5' 10"190William Horlick High School
Dominique Washington19Dominique WashingtonWR6' 0"165Zion-Benton High School
Nick Hall Contract19Nick HallDB / WR5' 10"185University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Gregg Brenner19Gregg BrennerWR6' 1"200Indiana-PA
Diquan McRae20DiQuan McRaeDB6' 0"215J.I. Case High School
Ben Smith20Ben SmithTE / LB6' 3"230
Mark Enneper20Mark EnneperRB5' 10"172Carroll College
Steve Kleist21Steve KleistDB / LB6' 0"200University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Jeremy Bland21Jeremy BlandRB / KR5' 10"215Mesabi Range Community College
Daeon Farris21Daeon FarrisDB5' 9"200J.I. Case High School
Chris Booker22Chris BookerDB5' 8"175University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Tad McLain22Tad McLainDB6' 2"195College of DuPage
Buck Phillips23Buck Phillips
Chad Girard23Chad GirardSS5' 10"205Carroll College
Adaris Anderson24Adaris AndersonDB5' 9"180Washington Park High School
Jaarael Bell Contract24Jaarael BellDB6' 1"175William Horlick High School
Marquan Holloway24Marquan HollowayDB5' 11"210Racine Lutheran
Tyrone Galvin25Tyrone GalvinRB5' 10"180University of Dubuque
25Greg SandersRB5' 7"206Washington Park High School
Tyrone Brown25Tyrone Brown
Joski Lymon25Joski LymonDB5' 11"200Washington Park High School
Ryan Arnold Contract26Ryan ArnoldDB5' 10"220University of Dubuque
Michael Farr26Michael FarrRB5' 10"180Racine Lutheran High School
Brandon McRae26Brandon McRaeDB/RB5' 10"193J.I. Case High School
Davonte Ransom26Davonte RansomDB5' 11"205Winona State University
Troy Collier28Troy CollierRB5' 8"170University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Eric Feest29Eric FeestDB5' 10"185Concordia University
Reginald Matthews29Reginald Mathews
Darnel Marshall29Darnel MarshallWR5' 7"165Carroll College
Daquan Smith29Daquan SmithDB5' 10"192Carroll University
Torie Ruffin30Torie RuffinDB / WR6' 2"220Concordia University Wisconsin
Jahamal Hardy30Jahamal HardyDB5' 10"205Mankato State University
Rick Roulette30Rick RouletteDB6' 0"195Lakeland College
Morris Matsen31Morris MatsenDB5' 10"120University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Desmond Major31Desmond MajorWR / DB5' 11"176Colby Community College
Jersey Eickhorst32Jersey EickhorstDB6' 0"180Benedictine University
Ross Toeller33Ross ToellerDB5' 11"187Southwestern Wisconsin Christian Homeschool Athletics
Damonshay Pitt33Damonshay PittRB5' 9"175Washington Park High School
Tony Coniglio33Tony ConiglioFB
Michael Crutcher33Michael CrutcherDB5' 11"165Upper Iowa University
Justin Noll33Justin NollRB5' 7"175Milwaukee Area Technical College
Cole Kevek33Cole KevekWR6' 2"215Union Grove High School
Lamont Lewis33Lamont LewisDB5' 9"180Wayne State University
Justin Schoepke34Justin SchoepkeK/P6' 1"165Cornerstone University
34Howard TriplettRB6' 1"200Waukegan High School
James Matthews34James MatthewsRB5' 11"238Carthage College
Dan Figueroa35Dan FigueroaRB5' 9"205Carthage College
Benjie Kidd35Benjie KiddDB5' 11"177Texas A&M University
Justin Warren35Justin Warren
Kadeem Liggins Contract36Kadeem LigginsRB5' 8"209Carthage College
Terrence Anderson36Terrence AndersonFB5' 8"190Gateway Technical College
Zach Pederson36Zach PedersonLB
John Simon36John SimonDL6' 2"240University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Mike Davis37Mike DavisTE6' 2"210Miami University
Mike Baldwin37Mike BaldwinDB
Keith Ringelberg39Keith RingelbergRB5' 10"180University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Richard Nolan40Richard NolanFB5' 8"180South Milwaukee High School
Aaron Hilliard40Aaron HilliardLB / P5' 10"245University of Iowa
Gary Lento41Gary LentoRB5' 9"197Catholic University - Washington, D.C.
Chris Parent41Chris ParentLB6' 2"240University of Wisconsin-Stout
Andrew Goodwin42Andrew GoodwinDB5' 11"186Jones Junior College
Sunni Muqqddim42Sunni MuqqddimRB
Quintell Pratcher43Quintell PratcherLB6' 0"250Warren Township High School
Anton Graham43Anton GrahamLB6' 3"225University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Dan Dragan43Dan DraganDB5' 6"200Concordia University Wisconsin
Pete Deates43Pete DeatesLB6' 2"250University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Adam Walker44Adam WalkerRB5' 11"220Carthage College
No photo available44James MarableRB5' 8"180Eastern University
Russ Fitzpatrick44Russ Fitzpatrick
Chris Hicks45Chris HicksTE / WR6' 4"255Rochester Community and Technical College
Dustin McDonald45Dustin McDonald
Nick Nelson45Nick NelsonTE6' 3"230St. Norbert College
Ian Peterson47Ian PetersonLB6' 2"260Rochester Community and Technical College
David Hernandez48David HernandezDB5' 10"185Milwaukee Area Technical College
48Daivon McNeilLB / DL6' 3"250William Horlick High School
Rafael Alvarado48Rafael AlvaradoP/K6' 3"245Saint Xavier University
Demetrius Prothro48Demetrius ProthroLB / DB5' 11"218Midwestern State University
Nick Jones48Nick JonesDL/LB6' 1"240Grant Community High School
50Grant LambLB6' 2"205Wisconsin Lutheran College
Steven Davis50Steven DavisLB5' 10"254Harper High School (Chicago)
Scott Smith50Scott SmithLB6' 1"225Concordia University Wisconsin
50Chuck KramerLB5' 11"240Bridgeport High School
Jordan Baker-Gallagher50Jordan Baker-GallagherDL / OL6' 5"275University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Nate Harris52Nate HarrisLB6' 0"245Carroll University
52Diezel YounisDL6' 3"275Arizona State University
Cameron Hetland52Cameron HetlandLB5' 9"205University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Denny Galipo52Denny GalipoC6' 1"235United States Marine Corps
Shawn Feuker53Shawn FeukerLB6' 1"235Carthage College
Jordon Denfeld54Jordon DenfeldDL / LB6' 2"255University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Artist Terry54Artist TerryLB6' 0"235University of Minnesota-Duluth
Brian Forston54Brian ForstonLB6' 3"220University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Matt Nelson54Matt NelsonOL / DL6' 0"280University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Wilbert Kennedy55Wilbert KennedyDL5' 11"315University of Wisconsin-Stout
Cardell Gallagher56Cardell GallagherLB6' 0"235William Horlick High School
Steven Tucker Contract56Steven TuckerOL6' 3"360New Mexico Highlands University
Gerald Bester II56Gerald BesterLB6' 1"248University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Mike Tweet56Mike TweetLB6' 2"220University of Wisconsin-Stout
Alex Powell56Alex PowellLB6' 0"255Ripon College
Deveron Davis57Deveron DavisLB6' 0"225University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff
Tom Leonard57Tom LeonardLB6' 1"230Concordia University Wisconsin
58Jalen StewardLB / WR6' 0"208Gateway Technical College
Boyd MacKenzie Contract58Boyd MacKenzieDB6' 1"225Carthage College
Robert Zimmerman58Robert ZimmermanOL
Michael Hyzdu58Michael HyzduLB6' 1"230Miami University
Tom Martin60Tom MartinOL6' 0"225Carthage College
Josh Willis61Josh WillisOL6' 1"275North Park University
62Caleb GwinOL5' 10"295Milwaukee Area Technical College
Ray Parent62Ray ParentOL
Andre Turner63Andre TurnerDL6' 0"260Bay View High School
Michael Nickolai63Michael NickolaiOL6' 1"295University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Ted Szymanski63Ted SzymanskiLB6' 1"220Lakeland College
Greg Erchull63Greg ErchullOL
Ryan Gails64Ryan GailsOL5' 11"285Ripon College
John Mamerow64John MamerowOL6' 4"260University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Kingston Wynn65Kingston WynnOL6' 0"310University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Greg Fictum65Greg FictumOG6' 2"265University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Jell Belkin65Jell BelkinOL / DL6' 5"379Union Grove High School
Dusty Svendsen66Dusty SvendsenOL6' 3"295Union Grove High School
Anthony Mariani66Anthony MarianiDL6' 6"220Nathan Hale High School
Peter Anderson66Peter AndersonOT6' 3"285University of Wisconsin-Madison
Todd Gorsline66Todd GorslinOL6' 5"320Martin Luther College
Jack Wendelberger66Jack WendelbergerOL6' 0"230University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Bradley Berger Contract67Bradley BergerDE5' 11"215J.I. Case High School
Emery Coleman67Emery ColemanDL6' 3"250Waukegan High School
Tony Adams67Tony AdamsOL6' 0"250University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Dan Morjal68Dan MorjalOL6' 1"315College of DuPage
Zach Robinson68Zach RobinsonOL6' 6"280Gateway Technical College
No photo available68Sam HaynesDE6' 4"285University of Delaware
Demetrio Mendez68Demetrio MendezOL
Izarius Jones70Izarius JonesDL5' 11"267J.I. Case High School
Joshua Cook70Joshua CookDL5' 11"255William Penn University
70Billy BrumbyDL/OL5' 11"216Union Grove High School
Mike Ladwig70Mike LadwigOL6' 4"260Lincoln
Marvin McKee71Marvin McKeeDL6' 0"250Ivy Technical College
Robert Collier71Robert CollierOL6' 3"300University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Mark Trudel71Mark TrudelDT6' 2"320Concordia University Wisconsin
Jim Bezotte71Jim BezotteDL
Michael Ambrose72Michael AmbroseDL6' 3"260North Park University
Kren Quijano72Kren QuijanoOL6' 4"335Mary D. Bradford High School
Mike Barnes72Mike BarnesDL5' 10"260University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
No photo available72Brian JansenOL6' 5"260University of Wisconsin-Madison
Matt Kallin72Matt KallinOL6' 5"310Carthage College
73Nate ZamecnikOL6' 1"265Rochester Community and Technical College
Mike WIllkomm73Mike WIllkommDL6' 3"240Ellsworth Community College
Kurt Kampendahl74Kurt KampendahlDL6' 4"260Eureka College
Dan Weber76Dan WeberOL6' 4"360Sussex Hamilton High School
Cornelius Evans76Cornelius EvansDL6' 4"270William Horlick High School
Jamie Ervin76Jamie ErvinOL6' 1"240Gateway Technical College
Jim Johnson76Jim JohnsonLB6' 2"230University of Wisconsin-Parkside
John Hammes76John HammesOL / DL6' 8"290University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Kenton Evans77Kenton EvansOL6' 3"250Iowa Wesleyan University
Thomas Smith77Thomas SmithOL6' 3"300North Dakota State College of Science
Larry Williams78Larry WilliamsDL6' 4"290North Park University
Keith McDaniel78Keith McDanielDL5' 10"262Milwaukee Vincent High School
Isaiah Trussell78Isaiah TrussellOL6' 3"320Carthage College
Ronald Lollis79Ronald LollisOL6' 0"302Franklin High School
79James JacksonOL6' 2"275Gateway Technical College
John Smolak79John SmolakLB6' 1"250Poynette High School
Justin Contreras79Justin ContrerasOL6' 0"330Washington Park High School
Brandon Blanke80Brandon BlankeWR5' 10"175Meonomonee Falls High School
Leroy Hargrove80Leroy HargroveWR6' 0"216Wayne State College
Howard Lawson80Howard LawsonWR6' 4"210Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
Carmelo Velasquez81Carmelo VelazquezWR5' 10"185Wisconsin Lutheran College
Joe Williams81Joe WilliamsWR5' 9"145Westminster College
Caius Swopes81Caius SwopesWR
Bryce True81Bryce TrueWR6' 1"210National Louis University
Phil Micech83Phil MicechDL6' 5"263University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Cody Hansen84Cody HansenWR6' 0"195Hersey High School
No photo available84John FinniganWR5' 10"175University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Anthony Wooden84Anthony WoodenWR6' 1"245Kenosha Tremper High School
Traves Worthington85Traves WorthingtonTE / WR6' 1"215Lakeland College
Brandon Smith85Brandon SmithWR6' 0"195University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Samuel Nisler Contract86Samuel NislerK6' 1"210University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Sam McFarland86Sam McFarlandWR5' 8"165University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Matt Turk86Matt TurkTE6' 5"245University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Brian Mosley86Brian MosleyWR
No photo available88Lonnie SatterfieldWR6' 1"180Purdue University
Myles Spiegel88Myles SpiegelWR5' 11"185University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
88Dale WroblewskiTE6' 3"235University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Logan Peltier88Logan PeltierWR5' 9"180Concordia University-Wisconsin
Nate Moses88Nate MosesWR6' 3"155Rochester Community and Technical College
Christian Wegener Nicholls88Christian Wegener-NichollsWR6' 0"170Burlington Catholic Central High School
No photo available88James SwansonTE6' 4"255Ohio University
Chris Samz88Chris SamzTE6' 3"240University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Hunter Breunig Contract89Hunter BreunigP / K6' 1"230Concordia University Wisconsin
Rob Covelli89Rob CovelliTE
Ardray Jarrett90Ardray JarrettDL6' 6"360Waukegan High School
Derrick Barr Contract90Derrick BarrDL / LB6' 6"270North Dakota State University
Jamie Davidson90Jamie DavidsonDL6' 4"245Kansas State University
No photo available91Josh DoyleDL
Dan Kant-Hull Contract91Dan Kant-HullDL6' 3"280Carroll University
Marcus Fletcher92Marcus FletcherDL6' 6"330University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Dustin Edmonds92Dustin EdmondsDL6' 6"315Wilmot Union High School
Bruce Marshall, Jr.92Bruce Marshall, Jr.DL
Eric Starks93Eric StarksDL6' 3"320University of Cincinnati
93Victor CobianDL6' 0"285Oak Creek High School
Damoreon Gordon93Damoreon GordonDL6' 1"245College of Lake County
No photo available94Jim HolmesDL6' 6"290Concordia University (Minnesota)
Michael Rachal94Michael RachalLB / DL6' 0"275Gateway Technical College
Kyle King94Kyle KingDL6' 2"296St. Ambrose University
Chad Svendsen94Chad SvendsenDL6' 6"285Union Grove High School
Jaran Rutledge95Jaran RutledgeDL6' 3"300Knox College
Justin Ankley97Justin AnkleyDL6' 3"320University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Amari Goodwin97Armani GoodwinDL6' 0"325J.I. Case High School
Pierre Smith98Pierre SmithDL5' 11"330Northland University
Najee Parker98Najee ParkerDL5' 9"320Rochester Community and Technical College
Brandon Rogers99Brandon RogersDL6' 0"275Tennessee State University
Gage Zahradnik99Gage ZahradnikDL6' 0"270Ripon College