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Alumni Profile: Geoff Schick

Geoff SchickGeoff Schick was a tight end for the Raiders during the glory years of the 1990’s, including the 1995 national championship over the Marlboro Shamrocks in Marlboro, Mass. His football journey up to that point prepared him well for Marlboro since he was a member of the 1988 Park High School football team the won the state championship. With teammates Brent Moss, J.C. Dawkins, and Ron Quirk, Schick played tight end and linebacker and was named 2nd Team All-Conference as well as 2nd Team All-County his senior season.

Schick went on to UW-Whitewater where he earned two letters as a tight end. He came to the Raiders in 1995 and played for four years.

Schick say that winning all those games, including the Marlboro championship, was something he will never, forget it’s the players he played with he’ll remember the most. Schick found it amazing the so many different personalities from so many different parts of the country could come together and work toward one common goal on the field of play.

Schick married his longtime girlfriend, Jodie, in 1997 and shortly after he retired from the Raiders in 1998. Schick has three children; Sawyer (16) was born in 1999, followed shortly thereafter by Spencer (14), and then Sasha (12).

Schick has been employed in the healthcare/health insurance industry for over 20 years. He has also spent considerable time coaching football for both Racine Youth Sports (RYS) and the Racine Gladiators Youth Football Association, a traveling football organization made up of several different age groups competing throughout the country. Schick has had the privilege of coaching both Sawyer and Spencer in both organizations.

The Racine Raiders would like to thank Schick for his time with the Raiders as well as his dedication to, and time teaching, our youth in the community the fundamentals of football. Who knows, maybe one day in the not too distant future one of the players Schick has coached may grace
the sidelines at Historic Horlick Field as a member of the Racine Raiders.