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Alumni Profile: Greg Erchull

Greg ErchullGreg Erchull, Racine Raiders #63. Greg Erchull, Attorney at Law. Greg Erchull, husband and father. Greg Erchull, business owner. These titles describe Erchull’s life over the past 23 years.

Starting in 1993, he joined the Raiders as an offensive lineman where he helped anchor the Raiders line for 11 years, primarily at guard with fellow linemen Greg Fictum and Matt “Big Skinny” Kallin. Prior to that, Erchull was an all-conference lineman at both Pius High School in Milwaukee and Carroll College in Waukesha.

The awards continued to follow Erchull into his Raiders career where he earned numerous All-Conference and All-League honors, including having the opportunity to play in several All-Star games. For a couple years during the off-season (1997-98), Erchull went to play indoor football for the Madison Mad Dawgs with fellow Raiders Matt Kallin, Gary Griffin, Dan Mlachnik, and Brian Forston. Erchull also had the opportunity to play in five National Championship games with the Raiders (1993, 1995, 1997, 2000, and 2001), helping the team win the 1995 and 2001 games.

Erchull enjoyed winning the 1995 game over the 2001 game because he felt the opponent in the 1995 game was tougher and it was a better game. Erchull also remembers the 1994 undefeated season and feels disappointed that the Raiders didn’t play in a National Championship that year because he feels the 1994 team arguably may have been the best Raiders team of all-time.

Greg Erchull, Attorney at Law. While still playing for the Raiders, Erchull earned his law degree from Marquette University in 1999, a remarkable feat given the time commitment and dedication he gave to the Raiders. Erchull went into private practice last year opening up his own firm, Erchull Legal Group in Milwaukee.

Greg Erchull, business owner. Erchull also owns MedSpa, a health and beauty salon in New Berlin offering nutritional counseling and Botox treatments along with a host of other health and beauty services.

Greg Erchull, husband and father. Erchull is married to Kara and together they have two sons, Logan (12) and Max (7). When he isn’t busy offering legal advice or running a salon, Erchull is coaching three youth football teams, two select travel baseball teams, and is a dedicated board member for several organizations including the Racine Raiders where he serves as our legal advisor.

The Racine Raiders would like to thank Erchull for his time as an outstanding lineman for the Raiders for so many years and for his service as a member of the Raiders Board of Directors. Thank you, Greg.