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Alumni Profile: John Mamerow

John Mamerow headshotJohn Mamerow played collegiate football at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He studied Agricultural Business while there. Memrow’s coach at Platteville was the legendary George Chryst. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because his son Paul is the current head coach at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

While at Platteville, Mamerow earned All-Conference honors as an offensive lineman twice. During his senior season Mamerow had the opportunity to play against a young freshman nose guard from the University of Wisconsin-Stout named Wilbert Kennedy. Who would have ever thought that both would end up playing for the Raiders one day, but that both would also end up being the Raiders head coach as well?

While out one night in beautiful downtown East Troy in 1987, Mamerow ran into Raiders offensive lineman Mike Ladwig. Ladwig was on crutches due to a season-ending knee injury that night, and Ladwig told Mamerow that the Raiders were in need of offensive linemen. Ladwig said that he would take Mamerow to practice the next night.

Mamerow took him up on the offer and, after practice, was asked to sign a contract. Mamerow asked if he could have number 54, his college number, but was declined since that number was already issued. He then asked for number 64 but was also declined because that number was issued as well. The number 64, however, was assigned to Ladwig. Mamerow came to an agreement that, since Ladwig was lost for the season, he could use that number. He was issued number 64 and it remained his number until his retirement in 1993.

While with the Raiders, Mamerow earned numerous All-Conference, All-League, and All-National honors as a right guard. There were times Mamerow even lined up at tight end and caught a touchdown pass or two.

Mamerow said his favorite moment with the Raiders was undoubtedly the 1989 National Championship game in Canada. He also mentioned the numerous friendships he made with teammates that still endure to this day.

In 2008, Mamerow became head coach of the Raiders and held that position through 2010. The Raiders posted a 25-13 record during that time. The team’s best season under Mamerow was 2009 when the Raiders went 12-3 and were the North American Football League Great Lakes Region champions and the Northern Conference runner-up.

Mamerow is currently the offensive line coach at Waterford Union High School. Outside of football, John works for Tootsie Roll as a Production Supervisor, responsible for moulding, refining, and sanitation.

Mamerow is the proud father of Clayton (20) and Dominick (18), both great athletes as well. He still lives in Waterford with his wife, Cris.