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Chris Hicks Named Offensive Coordinator

The Racine Raiders offense will have a new look for the 2019 season. Head coach Wilbert Kennedy announced that Chris Hicks will be the team’s new offensive coordinator. Hicks played tight end for the Raiders for five seasons and his experience with the organization and his youth were two reasons Kennedy chose Hicks over a handful of other candidates.

Chris Hicks
New offensive coordinator Chris Hicks

“I wanted to interject some youth into the coaching staff especially with the way the game has changed,” said Kennedy. “I also want to prepare the next group of coaches that will be coming along to eventually step into my shoes and help keep our Raiders traditions going.”

Hicks will hang up his cleats and put on a headset instead in 2019. He played tight end for the Raiders since 2014. In his Raiders career, Hicks grabbed 68 receptions for 1,076 yards, a 15.8 yard per catch average, and 9 touchdowns. Hicks added 89 yards on 12 carries, a 7.4 yard average.

Kennedy had a chance to see Hicks coaching style last season and was impressed. Hicks filled in as offensive coordinator for the Raiders 23-12 win over the Muskegon Mustangs on July 7.

Head Coach Wilbert Kennedy
Racine Raiders head coach Wilbert Kennedy

“The team was in rhythm and crisp and I thought he called a really nice game,” said Kennedy. “He took what the defense gave him and would go for the kill shots when necessary. I was really impressed.”

Hicks will try to spark a Raiders offense that has struggled for the past two seasons. The Raiders average points per game has decreased every year since 2015 when the team averaged 44 points per game. The team averaged just 27.4 points per game in 2017 and dipped slightly to 27 points per game last season.

“I wanted to move to coaching so I can help the Raiders get back on the right track,” said Hicks. “I’m just taking my approach as a player’s coach and diving in head first and taking on the challenge of getting our talent the ball in open space.”

There are several reasons Kennedy believed Hicks was the right person for the job.

“He’s got a great mind for football,” said Kennedy. “Chris takes a lot of time for preparation and you can see his work ethic through the product he puts on the field.”