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53 – Fred Vondra

Fred Vondra53 – L. FRED VONDRA
Center, 1979-1985

“Fred was by far the most tenacious center we had,” recalled former assistant coach Bob Morton in a 2004 interview. “He was only about six feet and weighed 235 pounds, not the biggest center in the world, but he was as strong as a bull.”

Fred, now Dr. Fred (he earned his Ph.D. in industrial technology from the University of Northern Iowa), was named the Raiders’ offensive captain in 1980.

Fred turned 48 and was recently married to Kim in 2004. He teaches at Tennessee Technological University.

He was so proud of his first championship ring that he gave it to his dad, Lou, who stood in for him at Alumni Night in 2004 while he was in China taking care of work.