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11 – Charlie Bliss

Charlie Bliss11 – CHARLIE BLISS
Quarterback, 1980-1989, 1992

Charlie’s #11 was retired in 1989, when Charlie thought he had left the game for good. When he returned three years later, he wore #9.

In his 11 years with the Raiders, Charlie completed 1,473 of 2,716 passes for 21,951 yards and 253 touchdowns, but even he’s not impressed with those figures.

“Stats come and go,” he said. “And the wins come and go. But more meaningful than any of that is the fact that we always played as a team. We were all on the same page: 60 guys who bonded and worked their butts off.”

Charlie says the most memorable moment of his career was a 15-0 season and a Midwest Football League (MFL) championship in 1992 over the Brooklyn Mariners.

“We were leading 7-3 just before the half,” he remembers, ” and I threw an interception that they returned for a TD. I felt so crummy because I always harped about playing consistent ball. Then I go and screw it up.”

All’s well that ends well. The Raiders beat the Mariners 17-10.

Charlie turned 47 in 2004 and is in his 25th year with the Chicago Fire Department. He has also owned and operated The Grind, a cafe/coffee shop in Northbrook, Illinois, for seven years. But his biggest joy comes from coaching varsity football at Maine South High School in Park Ridge.

“No matter my athletic accomplishments,” he admits, “there is nothing so memorable, nothing so special, as being part of these kids’ lives.”

Charlie’s number was retired in 1989.