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City of Racine

FOUNDED: 1834 by Gilbert Knapp
INCORPORATED: August 8, 1848
2008 POPULATION: 82,196
MAYOR: John Dickert


  • Racine is known as the “Belle City of the Great Lakes.”All-America City
  • The first Plank Road in the State of Wisconsin was built in Racine in 1850.
  • The first high school graduating class in the State of Wisconsin came from Racine High School on December 24, 1857.
  • In 1873, the Rev. Dr. James W. Carhart of Racine built the first light self- propelled highway vehicle in the United States and probably the first in the world. It was named “Spark” and was driven by a two cylinder engine. Carhart became known as the “Father of Automobiles.”
  • In 1880, the Wind Point Lighthouse was constructed. The tower rises 112 feet above the lake. It said to be the “Oldest and Tallest Lighthouse still standing on the Great Lakes.”
  • June 5, 1883, William Horlick produced and patented the first powered milk in the world. He named his new product “Malted Milk”.
  • Greater Racine was named an All-America City in 2003July 4,1943, the monument of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln was dedicated in East Park. This was the first statue in the United States of a President and his wife. It can be seen in front of the exsisting Gateway Techinical College located on South Main Street.
  • Racine is currently home to, or was home to, many major companies that have shaped American’s lives from children to adults. Western Publishing put out Golden Books, S.C. Johnson Wax is the world’s largest manufacturer of home cleaning products and In-Sink-Erator is in hundreds of thousands of sinks. Let’s not forget Racine’s world famous kringle, a modification of a Danish pastry!
  • Racine has been home to a National Football League (NFL) team and an All-American Girl’s Professional Baseball League team!
  • More recently, greater Racine is proud to be officially declared an All-America City. The award was given by the National Civic League on June 14, 2003. “All-America City celebrates vibrant, resourceful places with a diverse collection of talents and people, who learn from problems of the past, focus on opportunities of the present and visualize the possibilities of the future through collaborative efforts.”