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Racine Kringle

Pecan and Raspberry Kringle from O&H Danish Bakery

Pecan and Raspberry Kringle are the most popular kringle at O&H Danish Bakery.

What is Kringle you ask? The original kringle is a wonderful butter layered Danish pastry that was first introduced to Racine and Southeast Wisconsin in the late-1800’s by Danish immigrant bakers. In its original form, it was a pretzel-shaped, almond-filled coffee cake. Over the years, different fruit and nut fillings were introduced to offer variety.

Later, at customer request, the overlapping, “pretzel-twist” was eliminated, and it has kept its present oval-shape ever since. The labor-intensive, three-day process required to create Racine Kringle results in the light, tender, flaky, and flavorful pastry the original bakers intended.

To order kringle online, please visit O&H Danish Bakery, a proud Racine Raiders supporter. They can even ship it anywhere you want!