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Concessions Manager Kathie Davis-Edwards

Racine Raiders concessions manager Kathie Davis-Edwards looking over orders.You’ve probably never given a second thought to how that hot dog, popcorn, soda or beer made it into your hands at the concession window at a Raiders game. It all started on the Monday before the game by the tireless efforts of Kathie Davis-Edwards, the concessions manager for the Racine Raiders.

A decade-long volunteer with the Raiders, Kathie started out as a water girl. With her experience in the food service industry as a lunch lady at Horlick High School, she was the perfect go-to person for concessions.

“It’s organized chaos,” Kathie said. “There is an average of 35 volunteers, most of them students from Horlick that get the food to you; one person at each food station with a runner to get the orders to the windows.”

You may hear a lot of shouting, but as Kathie said, it’s all part of running concessions.

There is no typical day for Kathie. On the day Raider Report talked to her at 10 a.m., she had already been at the concession stand since 7 a.m. with the repair man for the ice machine. KathieDavisEdwards1

Her week starts the Sunday after the game, spending about three hours putting the final touches on the clean-up from the night before and mopping the floor a couple of times.

“With all that goes on, it ends up getting real sticky,” she said.

On Monday, it’s inventory and placing orders for the next game. She is at Historic Horlick Field almost every day except Wednesday.

“That’s the day I get to sleep in,” she said.

On game day, she gets to work around 3 p.m.; starting to boil the hot dogs and getting the grills fired up.

“Everyone else gets here around 5 p.m., about a half hour before the gates open up.” according to Kathie. “They start wrapping the hot dogs, making the popcorn and getting the slushy machine up and running.”

Raiders concessions manager Kathie Davis-Edwards with personnel manager Carol Clark (left).The day finally ends about an hour after the game after an extensive clean-up and accounting. Unfortunately for Kathie and her crew, they never really get to see their beloved Raiders play because they are so busy.

“I never know it’s the end of the game until I look out and see the empty stands,” she said.

But she gets her satisfaction knowing she did a good job when the following week her volunteers show up again to provide the food and drink for Raiders fans.

“I’m really proud of all they (the volunteers) put into this, especially those that work in the cook room on the hot days,” says Kathie.

With the nearly full-time hours of volunteer work Kathie puts in every week during the season, she couldn’t be happier. She works these long weeks as a volunteer while also working full-time as a kitchen lead at Goodland Elementary School, managing an apartment complex. On top of it all, Kathie manages living with multiple sclerosis.

“I love what I’m doing. The Raiders are my family,” she says.

So the next time a Raiders fans bites into a hot dog or brat, chomps on the nacho chips, and washes it down with a soda or a brew, it couldn’t have happened without the devoted efforts of concessions manager Kathie Davis-Edwards and her hard-working crew.

Did this story motivate you to want to get involved with the Raiders? Contact the team through our website. The Racine Raiders are highlighting different volunteers throughout the week of April 6-12 as it’s National Volunteer Week. For more information on multiple sclerosis, please visit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society webpage.

– Tom Christensen, Raider Report