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Defensive Back Davonte Ransom

Davonte Ransom Davonte Ransom, #26, may be in his first year of playing semi-pro football, but he is already making an impact on the field for the Racine Raiders. The Waukegan native opened up the Raiders 42-0 win over the Southern Lakes Blue Devils with a kickoff return for touchdown.

The Raiders first-year defensive back didn’t always play in the defensive backfield. In middle school and high school, Ransom played running back and switched to defensive back while at Winona State University.

While at Winona State University, Ransom made an impact, recording five tackles, breaking up a pass, and blocking a field goal in his first-ever college game. He ended his first season at Winona State University with 17 tackles, including nine solo tackles, an interception, and the previously mentioned blocked field goal. Ransom also showed big-play ability on special teams while at Winona State University, where he returned 6 kicks for 138 yards during the last two games of the 2014 season.

Davonte Ransom returns an interception.After being out of school for two years, he came to play for the Raiders at the urging of his cousin, Raiders defensive back J.D. Hardy. Aside from the kick return for a touchdown against the Blue Devils, Ransom has added 3-1/2 tackles, three passes defensed, and one interception through three games.

To get ready for game day, Ransom puts on the headphones and listens to music to help him get into the right state of mind. When Ransom isn’t playing football, he can be found in the gym working out five-to-six days per week, playing basketball, hanging out with family and friends, or working at Mitsubishi Electric as a test technician.

Davonte has been a positive impact with the Raiders this season and we thank you for playing. We wish you continued success this season and beyond, both on-and-off the field.