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Defensive back DiQuan McRae

DiQuan McRae makes a tackle against the Illinois Cowboys.DiQuan McRae, who goes by “Quan,” has returned to the Racine Raidersfor his second year as a hard-hitting strong saftey, creating a defense that tears apart the opposing offense, game after game.

Growing up in Racine, Quan loves playing for the Raiders for several reasons including the closeness he has with coaches and players and playing in front of a thousand people at every home game. Quan has so many friends and family that come to his game that his cheering section can be heard for miles. Included in the group are his mom, Lula Brown, and his dad, Greg McRae.

Ever since Quan was little, he played football. For the past 14 years, he has played running back, linebacker, and a free safety. He prefers to be on the defensive side of the ball because it gives him the opportunity to make the big hits. Growing up, Quan envisioned playing for the New England Patriots.

DiQuan McRae returns a kick.For the past three years, Quan has devoted his time away from football as a caregiver for Lifestyles Adult Care Homes, LLC in Georgetown. After graduating from Case High School in 2013, Quan’s goals include earning his degree in physical therapy and becoming a trainer for a great football organization one day.

Besides working and football, Quan also enjoys walking his pitbull, Major, and going on vacations.

His game days consists of eating a big breakfast and listening to Ray Lewis’ motivation speech. This helps him get in the right frame of mind to punish the offense and make those big plays we’ve come to expect from him.

Quan is a very quiet guy, but once you get to know him, you’ll find him to be very funny and laid back. We have also featured Quan on our Racine city bus advertising this year. Have you spotted the “Raiders Bus” yet? Make sure you look for it!