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Defensive Back – J.D. Hardy

J.D. HardyJedediah (J.D.) Hardy has been with the Racine Raiders for two years. He returns to the Raiders because they are one of the best he’s seen around.

He feels that the atmosphere, the fan base, and the coaching offered with the Racine Raiders, makes this a unique place to be a part of.

J.D. grew up in Waukegan, Ill., graduating from Waukegan High School, and currently lives in Beach Park, Ill., which is about 45 minutes away from Historic Horlick Athletic Field.

Several members of J.D.’s family come to the games, including his girlfriend Jocelyn, uncle Zack, aunt Andrea, cousins – Jaela, Jz, Jaeda, Ty – and his father when he isn’t busy coaching.

J.D. works at AbbVie, a pharamaceutical company.

Besides family, work, and sports, J.D. loves to fish as much as possible in his free time.

Racine Raiders defensive back J.D. Hardy combines with Steve Kliest on a tackle.Growing up, he always had a passion for football. He spent a lot of time watching his father, Jahamal, play for the Racine Raiders. J.D. knew that this was all he wanted to do.

A typical game day routine for J.D. includes eating a light breakfast, having his headphones in all day, and just sitting and relaxing his mind before heading to the game. His favorite type of music varies, but he listens to Kevin Gates and Boosie the most.