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Defensive Back – Nate Heard

Nate HeardNate Heard is back for his third year with the Racine Raiders as a no-mercy cornerback, contributing to our hard-hitting defense. The main reason Nate joined the Racine Raiders was to play with former defensive back David Earl and to win a championship ring, knowing that the fans are without a doubt, the best in the nation for semi-pro football. Growing up and currently residing in Milwaukee, the short trip to Racine is an easy decision to make for Nate.

Outside of football, since 2012, Nate spends his time as a crisis stabilizer and mentor’s youth on probation, offering guidance to keep them from going into the corrections system or worse. He does this by keeping them occupied with positive activities and advocates for them whenever possible. The most rewarding part of this is saving a child’s life and helping them see their own potential, while educating them on how to be more successful than they previously thought possible.

Nate Heard knocks the helmet off a Racine Threat player.Besides trying to save our troubled youth and beating up opposing offenses, Nate also enjoys reading about history, computers, and military tactics from World War II to the present. This coincides with his dream as a small boy to one day be a Navy Seal or a fighter pilot.

On game day, Nate spends so much time during the week thinking about the game and what he wants to do or not do, that by game day, he tries to do other things to take his mind off of football until about 4 p.m., at which point he is super-focused on the game.

Nate really appreciates “Raiders Nation,” especially the kids who meet the players by the locker room and hold out their hands as the players run onto the field. It makes him concentrate a little more and gives that extra motivation to be the type of player that the kids can look up to, on and off the field.