Racine Raiders Football Club | Racine, Wis. |

Defensive Lineman – Diezel Younis

Diezel YounisAfter six years of being a member of the Chicago Mustangs, it was time for a change. Following the rebuild of the Mustangs, defensive lineman Diezel Younis decided to choose the Racine Raiders. This will be his first year playing with the Raiders.

The attitude of the organization is positive and professional says Younis, noting that it feels like “you’re a part of a NFL team.”

His commitment to the Raiders is obvious. He commutes from the western suburbs of Chicago to play for the Raiders. He actually grew up in Chicago and moved to Vernon Hills, Ill., where he went to Stevenson High School.

How does game day work for Younis? It consists of getting out on the field before anyone else and warming up early.

One day, Younis hopes he can coach football. As a child though, he hoped he could play in the NFL or/and be able to travel the stars as an astronaut. His favorite football team is his hometown Chicago Bears.