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Defensive Lineman – Jaran Rutledge

Jaran Rutledge makes quick work of an offensive player.Jaran Rutledge returned for his sixth year with the Racine Raiders as a defensive tackle in 2015. Jaran is a brick wall to our opponents; nothing gets past him.

Jaran joined the Racine Raiders after meeting many of the players while playing for the Milwaukee Bonecrushers indoor football team. He knew the Raiders were like no other organization around with the amount of support from the community, to the length the players travel to play. Jaran feels that one of the Raiders biggest attributes is the fan base.

Jaran has a huge cheering section at most of the games. Coming to cheer “The Bullet” on are his mom (Jeanne), step-dad (Oscar), sisters
(Lauren, Akiko, Jeunesse, and Mackenzie), aunt and uncle (Karen and Mark Peterson), and his girlfriend (Alyssa August).

Jaran works in construction for Peter Baker & Son, where he’s been for the past four years. He really enjoys working hard and being able to use his hands. Working hard, physically and mentally, makes his job very enjoyable.

Jaran Rutledge has his eyes on the quarterback.Outside of family, work, and sports, Jaran loves to ride motorcycles, remodel his house, cook, travel, and powerlift competitively. He’s set records and won numerous powerlifting awards in the past year-plus.

When Jaran was little, he really wanted to be a chemical engineer, just like his dad. He would really like to continue with the Raiders for a few more years and hopes to one day continue to support the community as part of the Raiders Board of Directors or staff.

Jaran owns two blue-nose pitbulls called Kazmaier and Rhea, and also a cat named Emmi, which is full of attitude, according to Jaran.

Jaran is grateful for the opportunity to play a sport that he loves with all the support of the city and his amazing family. He feels that he wouldn’t be able to be as successful as he is without the support of each and everyone in the organization and his family.