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Defensive Lineman Jordon Denfeld

Jordon Denfeld Action Against Columbus FireDespite this being Jordon Denfeld’s first year with Racine, his aspiration is crystal clear.

“It’s a team with a winning history that I wanted to contribute to it,” Denfeld said in response to being asked why he joined the Raiders.

The players have yet to coin a catchy nickname for Denfeld, so for now he’s referred to as ‘JD.’

Denfeld grew up in a small town in Manitowoc County called Two Rivers, Wisconsin. It’s the place that gave birth to the ice cream sundae.

Jordon Denfeld Hang LooseHe is now a consultant at Fitness Together in Wauwatosa. He’s been working there for about three months now. The most rewarding feeling for Denfeld is being able to assist his clients in reaching their fitness goals.

On game day, Denfeld is shuts out the world and focuses on his role of getting yet another Raiders’ victory. Though he is a Green Bay
Packers fan, Denfeld’s role model is the National Football League’s most feared defender, J.J. Watt. Denfeld notes that he is relentless in every aspect of life. Not only does Watt work hard on the field, but he applies that mentality to other things and makes himself an exceptional football player and a character with overwhelming class.