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Defensive Lineman – Larry Williams

Racine Raiders defensive lineman Larry WilliamsLarry Williams joined the Racine Raiders in 2009 after playing for the Lake County Chiefs for nine years. He decided it was time for a change, and it was the best decision he has ever made regarding football.

Joining as a tight end, Larry eventually switched to the defensive line. Known as the “enforcer,” Larry is a beast and continually puts the opponent’s offense in the dirt with ease.

Larry grew up on the East Coast in Philadelphia and New Jersey. He then attended high school in Zion, Ill. and now lives in Waukegan, Ill., about 40 minutes south of Racine. Even with this commute, Larry never has a problem making it to all of the practices and games. When he is not working hard with the Raiders, you can find Larry working as a chemical operator at Abbvie, formerly known as Abbott.

You will see a large cheering section for Larry at every Raiders game. In this section you will find many of his friends from school, his sons Aaron (19) and Dimorrio (9), Jaran Rutledge’s family, who is like a second family to him, and Raiders followers Gina Ammon and her daughter Ari, and Mel Ammon, Chuck Besler, Jason King, and ex-Raider Kendrick Bell.

Larry Williams converges on a ball carrier.As a child, Larry wanted to be a professional wrestler. He was a WWE fanatic and his favorite wrestler was the Ultimate Warrior.

It is game day morning, so how do you think Larry prepares for a game? Well, he usually works the night shift before games so he goes home and sleeps. He is not much of a breakfast eater on game day so he sticks to the simple things like eggs and fruit, and plenty of water, of course. On the way to the games Larry turns up the heavy metal, like Metallica or Tool, to get him in game mode.

Despite his outward appearance, Larry is a very genuine and kind person with a big heart. Larry looks up to his mother for being such a strong person and always holding things down for the family. That’s where he gets his strength, drive, and determination from. With a smile on his face, Larry shouts, “Love you Mom!”