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Defensive Lineman Marvin McKee

Marvin McKeeFollowing this week’s theme of “positions that people seemingly give no love to,” we talk to defensive tackle Marvin McKee. McKee has been a part of the Racine Raiders organization for five years, though not consecutively. At first he played defensive end, but transferred to defensive tackle once the Raiders accumulated more than enough defensive ends.

McKee started in semi-pro football with the Southern Lakes Blue Devils before coming to the Raiders for several seasons. He then went to Brazil to play professionally before returning to the United States where he again played with Southern Lakes before coming back to Racine this season.

McKee’s nickname is “Cow Tipper.” Just as many players have said in past profiles, McKee said that the Raiders are extremely family-oriented and that it makes the atmosphere throughout the organization that much better.

Marvin McKee recovers a fumbleJust prior to game time, McKee listens to music, but no specific genre as he is open to just about anything. His family and friends cheer him on during the game.

McKee lives in Milwaukee and loves the Green Bay Packers. He’s currently a personal trainer but has aspirations of coaching high school football. When Marvin was just a small “Cow Tipper,” he hoped to be an actor.

Besides his aforementioned commitments, McKee loves relaxing at the beach. McKee says he is a hard worker who loves to let loose and enjoy himself.

“I try to keep positive people in my life who keep me on the right track,” McKee said when asked who inspires him.