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Electronic Ticket Info

New for 2019! Fans can now conveniently purchase electronic tickets online for Racine Raiders home games. The electronic tickets work differently than the paper tickets fans may be used to.

Tickets purchased online are only good for the specific game they are purchased for. For instance, if you purchase tickets for the June 1 game, you can only use them for admission to the June 1 game. You can’t exchange the tickets for tickets to other games.

We know you may have some questions so we put together these frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please contact us.

Why are the Raiders selling online tickets?
Online ticketing is often more convenient for fans of sports teams. We’ve surveyed fans in the past and nearly two out of three fans said they’d like the option to buy tickets online. In addition, with everything being handled electronically, it’s more friendly to our natural resources and environment.

How does it work?
You simply click on the tickets link Buy Tickets Onlineon our schedule and you’ll be directed to our tickets area on the Seat Yourself web platform. You click the green “enter” button and you’ll go to a calendar. Simply choose the game(s) you want to buy tickets for and follow the directions. You can purchase tickets for multiple games in one order. You’ll also be asked if you’d like to make a donation to the Raiders during the ordering process. After you place your order, you’ll receive an email that contains a code. You’ll need to show this code when you enter Historic Horlick Athletic Field. You tell the ticket taker how many of the tickets you’re using for that game and any remaining tickets stay in your account, still available for use for that specific game. It’s that easy!

Do electronic tickets cost the same as the paper tickets?
No. We’ve actually discounted these tickets slightly. The electronic tickets cost the same as if you went to one of our ticket outlets.

Is there a fee to purchase tickets online?
There is a small fee to purchase tickets online. To cover transaction fees, there is a modest $1 per ticket charge. 

At which gate can I redeem electronic tickets?
You should enter at the main gate at the corner of High Street and North Memorial Drive.

What happens if I can’t go to the game?
Just like with the paper tickets, you’re able to give the tickets to someone else. When you order the tickets online, you’ll receive an email receipt with a code. You just need to forward that email to the person that can use the tickets. Tickets can’t be exchanged for tickets to other games at this time.

What if I have a group and we need to split tickets?
The code that comes as part of the confirmation email contains all of the tickets you ordered for a specific game. If you bought eight tickets and have people coming as three separate groups, you simply forward the email to someone from the other two groups. So, if you get to the field first and want to use four of the tickets in your block, you tell the ticket taker how many tickets you’re using and which type (adult, senior, or student). That will leave four tickets assigned to that code. When the next group comes with two people, they simply show their code and tell the ticket taker that they want to use two tickets and which type. That will leave two tickets left for the final group to use.

What is the link to buy tickets online?
All you need to do is visit our online ticket partners at Seat Yourself.