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Equipment Team Member – Nate Felski

Nate Felski, Equipment StaffLike many volunteers, Nate Felski got involved with the Raiders because of someone else. That someone else happened to be his father, Dean Felski. Nate would go to practices with his dad and handed out water to the players. He became a fixture with the group so, when an regular position opened up with the equipment staff, he was asked if he was interested and he said yes. That was four years ago.

Asked how he sees his job, Nate replied, “It’s important. I help get the tables set up, fix player’s helmets, help get the practice equipment set up, and change shoe cleats for the players.”

Nate said it was all on-the-job training for him. He knew nothing about what went into being on the equipment staff since his only previous experience in football was playing at Racine’s Horlick High.

Nate said he is willing to do anything that helps out the team, but it appears working with the equipment staff keeps him busy enough, especially during the games.

“It gets a lot more intense during the games,” he said. “You have to get the helmets fixed and cleats changed faster than at practice. You just don’t have that much time before the player has to go back into the game.”

Even though its more fast-paced and intense during the game, Nate says it’s still fun.

Nate lives in Racine and works the night shift as a stocker at Home Depot. His said his employer is really helpful in being flexible with his work schedule so he can make practices and games. Even though his position with the Raiders can be more like a second job, Nate says he enjoys it.

“It’s great being around people who enjoy football too,” he said.

Asked if he has had thought of leaving, Nate was quick to say, “I’m going to keep coming back. I’ll come back as long as I can and as long as the team needs me.”

So, to Nate from the Raiders board, and especially from the players, a great big “thank you!”

If you would like to become part of a nationally recognized championship football team, click the volunteer link at the bottom of our website or stop by the Trading Post during a game. The Raiders are always looking for more dedicated volunteers.