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Equipment Volunteer Jim Brehm

Racine Raiders volunteer Jim BrehmHe served his country as a Marine, and now he is serving the Racine Raiders as a volunteer. Jim Brehm first got interested in the Raiders as a fan in 1965. But in 1968 he had to postpone attending Raiders games. That is when he was drafted into the Marine Corps.

“At the induction station in Milwaukee, at first I thought I was going into the Army,” recalls Brehm. “But someone must has said they were looking for people to go into the Marines. Everyone else in line must have taken one step back and I was the only one out in front,” Jim said with a chuckle.

After going through boot camp at the Marine Recruit Depot in San Diego, California, he served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969. Corporal Brehm’s enlistment was cut short and he received an Honorable Discharge for medical reasons when he was diagnosed with malaria.

Jim returned to Racine and found work at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha. He also got involved with his favorite football team again.

“I started working with Mike Wheeler doing game stats and being a spotter,” he said.

Later, Jim moved out of the press box and starting working on equipment maintenance with Mike Petersen. To date, Jim has been a volunteer with the Raiders for over ten years.

Volunteering is not only Jim’s passion with the Raiders, but he is an avid collector of Raiders history.

“I would go down to the library archives and made copies of anything that was in print about the Raiders,” he said.

Jim describes his experience with the Raiders as “interesting.”

“There is always something new in meeting the players, new people, and the fans,” he said.

Even with ten years in as a volunteer, Jim has no plans to call it quits.

“Just retiring this past April allows me more time to help with the Raiders,” he boasts.

According to Jim, he’s enjoying it.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the nine-time national champion Racine Raiders, go to the Raiders website, click on the volunteer link at the bottom of every page, and tell us about yourself.