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FLASHBACK: 1963 – CSFL finds lack of football fields in expansion attempts

(This article originally appeared in the Monday, May 20, 1963, edition of the Racine Journal-Times.)

FlashbackThe Central States Football League is convinced, following its meeting here at Lee Dolf’s Sunday afternoon that the Midwest shows an alarming scarcity of football fields.

Prepared to welcome as many as five new clubs in an imposing expansion move, the league heard Commissioner Frank Bonk of Manitowoc explain that three highly interested organizations had to pass up memberships at the moment because they could not gain the use of gridirons in their communities.

These three potential members, Bonic said, were from LaPorte and South Bend, Indiana, and Niles, Ill.

Other Snags

Further expansion snags were met in the cases of West Allis and Muskegon, Mich., two other communities Bonk earlier had said wanted to join.

The Muskegon picture was clouded when its coach, Jack Morton, left to take the coaching post with the Grand Rapids pro team, said Bonk.

The door will be left open to these potential members until June 1, said Bonk, although Walt Sterling, general manager of the 1962 champion Manitowoc Chiefs, showed no enthusiasm about admitting Muskegon.

“We won’t play any games there,” Sterling said flatly. “because of the distance involved.”

Meet Again June 23

Another meeting here on June 23 will arrange the 1963 schedule. While all teams are slated to play the Sept, 6-7 weekend, it is likely that the Racine Raiders and Calumet may open earlier with a game here either Aug. 31 or Sept. 1.

General managers have promised to send their available home dates in advance to Rudo Mano, Racine, head game official of the league. Mano will arrange the season schedule and present it for approval at the next meeting.

In other actions Sunday, general managers decided to give Bonk a five-year term in office and then voted to hike team dues in the league from $50 to $75 a year.