Racine Raiders Football Club | Racine, Wis. |

Fullback – Connor Flannery

Connor Flannery fights for yardage against the Chicago Thunder.Connor Flannery has been with the Racine Raiders for two seasons. As a wide receiver, fullback, or occasionally a halfback, Connor continually breaks free of opposing defenses.

Connor really wanted to join the Raiders to continue his late grandfather’s legacy, Roy Braid, who was one of the founding fathers of the organization. He feels that the fans and volunteers help make the organization a unique place to be, that there is no other place with such a long history that makes you proud to put on the jersey every Saturday night.

Coming to fill the stands every game are his parents (Dave and Vicki Flannery), his brothers and sisters (Elyse, Riley, Bailey, and Paige), cousins (Brandon and Lauren Kaplan, Becky and Joel Nelson, Jared, Britani and Alex Lopex, Molly and Troy Szymandera), his girlfriend (Brittany Baumann), and many others.

Growing up on the family farm, also known to others as Apple Holler, Connor realizes a lot was expected of the family at a young age. Looking back, he’s grateful for all of the opportunities it has provided.

Connor Flannery takes a minute on the sideline to mess with the photographer.While working at the family restaurant, Connor also attends UW-Parkside. He finds it rewarding to meet a lot of interesting people, which has helped him become more engaging in conversations.

When Connor was little, he wanted to be a superhero, preferably “The Flash.” He’s still working on this goal.

In his free time, you can find Connor working out at Razor Sharp, cutting the grass, hanging out with his girlfriend, or “destroying his friends (Jordan, Tyler, Casey, Brandon, Riley and Salinas) in Madden” and playing with his two border collies named Sam and Harley.

Connor has one real superhero, his dad. When asked about inspiration, he said, “Easily my dad. Day in and day out, I see him continually pursuing his passion with the family farm, whether it’s fine tuning small details or brainstorming the next big hit, he never stops progressing. When I find my passion, I hope I can be just as devoted as he is. He’s taught me without having to tell me an important lesson: Even if no one else sees it for you – you must see it for yourself.”