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Inside Tiger King: MacKenzie Tells All

Boyd MacKenzie Face PaintGoing deep undercover is a difficult job even for the seasoned law enforcement officer. Imagine having to go undercover without any real training. That’s what Racine Raiders linebacker Boyd MacKenzie was faced with when he went undercover for the hit Netflix show, Tiger King, back in 2015, shortly after the show started filming.

“The producers of the show came across some pictures of me,” explains MacKenzie. “They reached out and asked if I’d be willing to make a little cash on the side and do an undercover gig for them.”

The show was originally supposed to be about a reptile breeder and animal smuggler but quickly switched to focus on people breeding large cats and the abuse the cats may suffer. As they dug deeper into the story, they realized they needed someone on the inside and that’s when they called MacKenzie.

“They asked me if I could go in and work on the inside with Joe Exotic and Carole,” recalls MacKenzie. “I really had to live the lifestyle, especially with Carole.”

MacKenzie said there were times where he had to blend in so he didn’t get caught filming when the regular film crew left for the day.

“My current game day face painting came from the times when I knew I had to be camoflauged with the cats while getting some behind-the-scenes, after-hours film,” said MacKenzie.