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Kicker Justin Schoepke

Racine Raiders kicker Justin Schoepke converts an extra point against the Wauwatosa Spartans on August 9, 2014.Racine Raiders rookie kicker and punter Justin Schoepke is a lifelong soccer player. The athlete and competitor in him brought him to football and, eventually, the Racine Raiders.

“I wanted to keep a competitive edge once I graduated school and I kind of noticed that maybe I could do something with kicking footballs,” said Schoepke.

Schoepke didn’t kick a football until a friend came to his room in college and asked him if he wanted to have some fun kicking footballs.

“I looked at him and was like, ‘There’s no way I could ever do that.’,” remembers Schoepke.

Justin SchoepkeNonetheless, Schoepke’s friend was convincing enough that Justin gave it a try. He started practicing and, after seeing him boot a few footballs, his friend told him he had quite the leg and should give football a chance.

Schopeke has worked diligently with the Raiders coaching staff and has been impressive thus far this season replacing Joel DaPra at the two positions.

“It’s completely different between kicking a football and a soccer ball,” says Schoepke. “here’s so much to learn and I jsut practice and try to get better every day and see where we can go from there.”

There have been some growing pangs for Schoepke.

“I’ll never forget the very first time I did a life field goal in practice with the line in front of me,” recalls Schoepke. “I mishit the ball and drilled a guy right in the butt and I felt so bad for him and I apologized.”

Schoepke hasn’t had to apologie since as he’s been a huge asset to a team that expects to contend for another national championship in 2014.
“Since then, every kick has made it up-and-over, and I just look to keep improving day-after-day,” Schoepke says confidently.