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Linebacker – Deveron Davis

The Deveron DavisGiving 100% effort on and off the field isn’t a choice for linebacker Deveron Davis (#57). After eight years with the Racine Raiders, it’s a given. Back in 2008, Davis was looking for a team that was well-established and stumbled upon the Raiders.

Regarding the atmosphere surrounding the organization, Davis says that, “It’s a family atmosphere. We are all BROTHERS IN UNITY.”

All he asks is that people appreciate not just him as an individual, but the entire Racine Raiders team for what they do on the field and in the community.

Davis has a gameday schedule that is vital to his success. He wakes up and has breakfast with his family at a specific time. He then relaxes and takes a nap until about 3 pm and takes a hot shower to keep his muscles loose. He will listen to music, makes some final preparations, and head to the field around 4:15 pm and prepares himself mentally for a hard-fought football game.

In the stands for his games are his girlfriend, Jami Deschner, his step-daughter, Korina (12), and his two daughters, Amaya (9) and Kara (4). In addition, some of his friends show up, including the Sandberg’s, St. Martin’s, and many of the children he coaches in high school.

Deveron Davis assists on a gang tackle.Davis grew up in Racine, and a lot of his efforts are focused towards giving back to the community. He volunteers at his kids’ schools and you can catch him at every single Raiders volunteer event. In the future, he plans on possibly running for alderman or mayor in hopes that he can make Racine a better place for all ages.

Outside of football, Davis is a delivery driver for CJW, Incorporated. He has been there for five years and loves the physical nature of the job, even saying that it, “means I don’t always have to go to the gym to get my workout.”

When it comes to his favorite restaurants or types of music, though, Davis has a blank list. He’s open to trying new things and broadening his spectrum.

Since he was young, Davis wanted to play football. He was on course for a career in the National Football League, but life threw him a curveball and forced him to make changes. Even though the Raiders are a minor league team, Davis is pleased with where he is at and is thankful for being able to fulfill his dream of playing football.

His favorite professional teams are the Dallas Cowboys (he has always loved them), the Golden State Warriors (big Steph Curry fan), and the Chicago Cubs (his grandma’s favorite team).

Despite all that he has gone through, Davis looks up to God because without him, he wouldn’t be who he is and where he is today.