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Linebacker Deveron Davis

R.J. Raider with Deveron Davis and a young fan.

Racine Raiders linebacker Deveron Davis and R.J. Raider with two young fans at the Mitchell School fundraiser.

Deveron Davis has been a linebacker with the Racine Raiders for the last six seasons. Making an impressive appearance every time he steps on the field, the Racine Raiders wouldn’t be complete without Deveron. His dedication on and off the field is a bar few can measure up to.

He chooses to return to the Racine Raiders every year, not only because he loves football, but because of the great atmosphere surrounding the Racine Raiders.

“The organization is always welcoming with open arms and it just makes you want to be a Raider,” says Deveron.

In 2013, Deveron helped lead the defense with 25 solo and 16 assisted tackles, 3 tackles for a loss, 1 sack and 3 passes defensed.

So far this season, Deveron’s hard hits echo throughout the stadium and with two interceptions, the longest for 18 yards, he is on his way to another remarkable year.

Deveron, born and raised in Racine, has many fans that come to watch him play. From his brothers and friends to the high school students he coaches and mentors, he is surrounded by a large fan base.

Deveron says that one of his biggest fans that comes to the games is Jacob Gabrelian. Jacob is one of the students that Deveron mentors through the Park High School football program and, after working together, Deveron thinks of Jacob as his little brother and really enjoys the bond they have.

Deveron has worked for CJW, Inc., a Miller/Coors distributor, for the past three years. He enjoys his routes and learning about new products coming out, but his passion is football, his family and his community.

Always searching for ways to give back to the community, you will find Deveron involved in as many community events as possible. His favorite is working with younger kids and trying to help them reach their goals in their lives.

For football, Deveron says, “I hope and pray, through God’s Will, that I can play at the next level.”

As a child he always wanted to be a pro football player, mainly for the Dallas Cowboys, but knows, just to make it into the league would be a privilege.

Despite his hard physical play on the field, Deveron is a very caring, gentle, fun person who works hard to make a difference in not only his life and the lives of his family, but also in his community.