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Linebacker Quintell Pratcher

Racine Raiders linebacker Quntell Pratcher talks to linebackers coach Pete Deates.Quintell (“Q”) Pratcher, a Washington Park High School graduate, has been with the Racine Raiders for two years as a mean, no-nonsense linebacker.

He comes back to the Raiders because of the unique atmosphere, the hard work put in by the organization, and for the love of winning.

He feels that the “whole city” is behind the team and the fans are “crazy,” enjoying every advantage our home turf provides.

Growing up in North Chicago and currently living in Kenosha, football is always on the forefront of his mind.

For the past year, Q has been a Field Support Expeditor at Grainger. He enjoys interacting with different personalities everyday and it keeps life

Racine Raiders linebacker Quintell PratcherAs a father, Q just hopes that his boys and himself can stay healthy and live a fulfilling life.

Growing up he wanted to play for the National Football League, of course, but also had desires to one day be a graphic designer.

Q’s game day routine is similar to most players; spending time getting his football gear together, relaxing for a few hours, eating a late breakfast, maybe taking a nap, enjoying a nice hot shower to loosen his muscles, and getting to the field around 3:30 p.m.

Q finds Hip Hop and R&B to be the most exciting and relaxing types of music.

Outside of family, work, and sports, you can find Q catching up on the latest cooking trends on the various cooking networks, watching movies, and working out.

When I asked Q what was one thing that he wanted people to know about him, his response was, “That I LOVE being a father!”