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Linebacker Ryan Arnold

Ryan ArnoldRyan Arnold is a first-year linebacker drawn to the Raiders by their reputation of being a club built on brotherhood. According to Arnold, the
atmosphere of the organization is a welcoming one.

The people Arnold trains with told him about the Raiders and from there, a desire to join the club brought him here. His nickname is “El Toro,” or “The Bull.” Intimidating.

In preparation for games, Arnold makes sure to have a relaxing Friday night that includes stretching out, watching film, and spending quality time with his mother.

“I spend time with my mother the night before just to calm me down and get me in the right mindset to take care of what’s ahead,” says Arnold.

In the stands are typically his best friend, Courtney Houghton, and her father, Terry, cheering him on.

On a more personal note, Arnold grew up in the Windy City as a Chicago Bears fan, of course. Growing up, he never actually realized what his ideal occupation would be. He lived his life one day at a time. Coincidentally, that’s exactly his outlook on his future. Live life one day at a time.

Ryan Arnold assists with a tackle“I’m in the present trying to be better every day as a person, a friend, an athlete, and even as a brother to those around me,” he says.

In the working world, Arnold is a personal trainer, just as many of his Raiders teammates. For three years now, he has found a rewarding experience in sharing his story with clients as a means of motivation. He loves seeing his trainees transform into a person they never thought they could be; a happy and healthy one. In his spare time, he reads, travels, and hangs out with friends.

Regarding more serious matters, Arnold’s mother is his role model, his hero, and his everything. In 2001, she fought an uphill battle with breast cancer and miraculously overcame it. During surgery, she suffered a traumatic brain injury and fought through it.

“All I know is at the end of the day, I can’t let her down,” he says.