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Offensive Lineman Caleb Gwin

Caleb Gwin leading the way for J.R. Taylor.Caleb Gwin has been nagged by fellow Raiders teammates Ryan Gails and Deveron Davis to tryout for the team for two years. Now in 2016, Gwin is starting his first season with the Racine Raiders and will hopefully be around for years to come. Based on his size, it’s safe to assume Gwin is a lineman, primarily a left guard.

In response to being asked if a nickname has been assigned to him, Gwin says, “A nickname? I have been given one but I probably shouldn’t repeat it out in public.”

The veteran players on the squad have been a huge support group for Gwin. He mentions that the team is hungry for a championship and that the veterans on the team understand how important it is to help the younger players learn and progress.

Gwin was born in Muskegon, Michigan, but was raised right here in Racine, Wisconsin. His favorite aspect of life in Racine is the 4th of July celebration that takes place.

“It really is one of the best around with the parade and fireworks and then downtown life afterwards,” he says.

Caleb Gwin (62) on the offensive line.Gwin also loves Wells Brothers.

“They have the best pizza in the world,” he says.

Every big guy loves his food, so it comes as no surprise that Gwin’s game day preparation begins with a good breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, and toast. He relaxes most of the day and gets to the field very early to plug in his music and warm himself up. Before that though, he picks up a sandwich from Cousin’s Subs because he’s a lineman and I mean, why not? Come game time, Gwin has an assortment of family members cheering him on, including but most likely not limited to: Desiree and James Davis (mother and father), Brandon, Zach, and Andrea Gwin (brothers and sister), Tara and Chad Forman (sister and brother-in-law), and Liane and Dave Berg (aunt and uncle).

Gwin has been a Service Analyst at a company called Poclain Hydraulics for five years. Working a nine-to-five job, sitting in a desk would bore Gwin out of his mind. Working at Poclain allows him to use his hands and get dirty. The company is based in France, meaning he travels the world. When he says that Wells Brothers has the best pizza in the world, you may want to take his word on that.

Caleb Gwin (right) with Deveron Davis (middle) and Josh Willis (left) during the Racine 4th Fest Parade.When he was a young boy, Gwin wanted to be a National Football League player just like everybody else. Around the age of 15, he hoped to own a business one day, so it comes as no surprise that Gwin looks forward to becoming a business owner in the future. He is also looking at buying a home and winning a championship with your Racine Raiders.

Gwin is a man of many hobbies. Not only is he an avid outdoorsman (including fishing, boating, and hiking), but he also adores Game of Thrones on a geeky level. He has also been teaching himself how to play guitar and speak German. While on the subject of guitar, Gwin’s
musical preference is almost as wide as it could possibly be. He can jam to Simon and Garfunkel, Queen, and The Beatles. He enjoys modern-era bands such as Mumford and Sons or Twenty One Pilots. He likes listening to Eminem. Caleb is into anything from heavy metal to rap (besides country). His favorite sports team is, of course, the Green Bay Packers.

When asked why, he responded with, “I don’t feel like I need to dignify WHY with a response. We all know they’re the best.”

Gwin ihas a Racine Raiders pedigree though. His grandfather, Joe Cook, played for Racine in the early 1950’s for six years and coached the defensive line under head coach Bob Milkie in the early 1980’s (when they won the national championship). His grandfather coached Milkie in high school during the 1950’s at St. Cat’s, and then from 2005-2009, Milkie coached Gwin. Coincidence? I think not.

Gwin has always held his grandfather in high regards and looked at him as a valuable role model. He was thoughtful and caring, but tough as nails. Gwin even has his grandfather’s college football number tattooed on his forearm.