Racine Raiders Football Club | Racine, Wis. |

Offensive Lineman – Dusty Svendsen

Dusty Svendsen2Dusty Svendsen (#77), 6’3”, 296lbs, Union Grove High School graduate, has been with the Racine Raiders since the year 2000. Playing 15 years with the Raiders, Dusty returns every year for a few reasons, not only for the love of the game, but for the brotherhood between the teammates and the amazing fans, volunteers, organization, coaches and board members coming together to put out a great football team and experience. As Dusty says, “why wouldn‘t you return, its Rome”.

Dusty has many fans, friends and family, that come to every game. His biggest fans are his mother and father, Terri and Gordon Svendsen. His aunts and uncles also come to almost every game and his favorite fans are this two boys, Austin and Ethan.

Growing up in a family who’s parents moved around Army bases, Dusty was born in Texas and feels genuine roots to his home state. Landing in Union Grove, Dusty finished school and has devoted his time to football, his family’s companies and his children.

Owing a part of the family organizations, James Property & Holding, LLC and S&S Real Estate Appraisal Service, Inc., Dusty is very busy working as a Real Estate Appraiser and helping the family keep two businesses growing. He enjoys working with his family and the freedom his schedule allows to be with his children.

When I asked Dusty, “What is one thing you would like people to know about you?” He answered, “Well I would like my parents, friends, and family to know that I appreciate them at every game, my boys to know that I love them, volunteers to know I’m thankful for all they do, board members to know that I know they work hard to help us to our goals, and the fans to know they are the greatest in the land and we couldn’t do it without them.”

Thank you Dusty for your dedication on and off the field!