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Player Beverage Coordinator – Greg Simon

Greg Simon headshotIt seems that if you’re a friend of Raiders volunteer Mike Peterson, you eventually will be a Raiders volunteer yourself. That’s exactly how Greg Simon got started with the Raiders four years ago.

Simon was “drafted” by Peterson and Raiders equipment manager John Weborg. Simon said he has been friends with Peterson and Weborg for many years.

“I had been going to Raiders games for awhile,” Simon states. “Mike and John would stop by the house first and we would walk over to the game.”

Then came the hook.

“At a game one night, Mike just came out and asked me to help out with the team,” Simon says.

Obviously, Simon said yes. His job is working with the sideline crew, though his official title is Player Beverage Coordinator.

“I make the swamp juice,” Simon laughs.

It’s actually the energy drink in the big water jugs on the sideline the players hydrate themselves with.

“We call it swamp juice because after I get done mixing it up, it looks like something you would get out of a swamp,” Simon explained.

Greg and Torilyn SimonStarting with the Raiders in 2012, he isn’t the only Simon that is a Raiders volunteer. He managed to talk his daughter into helping out, and she can be seen not only on the sidelines at the games, but is a fixture at Raiders practices on Wednesday evenings. To round it out, his wife Lynn is also a team member.

“She’s on the cowbell crew,” Simon chuckled. “We were at an Admirals game, and being hockey, nearly everyone had a cowbell so she bought one.” Simon adds, “She started bringing it with to the Raiders games.”

As you can hear during a game on Saturday night, Lynn’s cowbell idea caught on, and the rest is history.

Living in Racine with his wife and family, Simon works second shift at Pioneer Products in Racine.

When asked about what he likes about being a Raiders volunteer, Simon quickly said, “The friendship. What’s really nice is the players thanking you for all you do for them.”

When Greg was asked how long he plans on being with the Raiders, he came out with “as long as I can and as long as it’s fun.”