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Player Personnel Manager – Carol Clark

Carol ClarkHer official title is Player Personnel Manager, but over the years Raiders volunteer Carol Clark has done just about everything except coach, and even that may be debated.

Carol started with the Raiders back in 2001.

“I’d gone to a number of Raiders games back then,” she said. “My husband got involved with the team working the chain gain. He was doing game stuff and having so much fun with it, I wanted some of that fun too.”

Carol started out in a role not much different that she is doing now. She started assisting the then Player Personnel Manager, and now
current General Manager, Curt Barnes. She moved up the chain and eventually took over the position then held by John Pettit.
Carol also handles many of the administrative duties for the Raiders such as putting a face with a name and number on a prospective player form at the spring tryouts. She also sends in most of the required paperwork the team needs to submit to the MidStates Football League offices.

On game day at Historic Horlick Athletic Field, Carol can be seen running water out to thirsty players and not spilling a drop.

“I’ve also worked with the equipment guys and in the concession stand,” she said.

Over her tenure, she has seen players start and finish their football careers with the Raiders. Being at every practice to check them in on the
attendance sheet, she has got to know them quite well.

“For some of these boys, they’re really not boys, I have become a second mother to them,” she said. “That’s maybe why I call them boys.”

With all the recordkeeping she has to do in her position, she has made a deal with her boys.

“If they make my job easier for me, I bake them cookies,” she said. “If they make my life miserable, they owe me chocolate.”

Carol wasn’t specific as to who has had paid out the most.

Asked what her most memorable moment was with the Raiders so far, Carol was quick to respond.

“We were at an away game and a kid came up and asked me for my autograph,” she recalled. “I told him I wasn’t a player and the kid said ‘That’s okay, you’re still part of the Raiders.'”

Carol is still having the fun she wanted 15 years ago, and she plans on sticking around for as long as she can. For the team and the players, that’s good news. It would take at least 15 years to train someone to fill her shoes.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the 9-time national champion Racine Raiders, go to http://www.racineraiders.com, click on the “Volunteer” link at the bottom of the page, and tell us about yourself.