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Punter Hunter Breunig

Hunter BreunigNot everyone has the opportunity to play the glamorous positions like quarterback or middle linebacker. With that being said, every position is equally important in contributing to the success of a franchise, and no one knows that better than kicker and punter Hunter Breunig.

He aspired to continue his work in kicking following his collegiate career. Prior to this season, a former coach informed him of the talent encompassing the Raiders. In his first season, “Leg 1” (as the team affectionately refers to him) has grasped the real meaning behind being a Racine Raider.

“It’s all about coming together as a team and everyone has already bought into the goal of winning a national championship,” according to Breunig.

Breunig spent his days growing up in a town just north of Madison called Lodi. He grew up on a farm that his parents own. Occasionally, he prefers being secluded from the rest of the world, and the farm allowed him to hide out when he was younger. Nowadays, he lives in Mequon where there is plenty to do every day.

Hunter Breunig punts during a 2016 Racine Raiders gameOn game day, Breunig tends to sleep in before heading to the Wooden Goose in Mequon for a huge breakfast. Upon arriving at Historic Horlick Field, he cancels out the world with loud music (perhaps from his favorite artist Luke Bryan) and prepares himself for another hard fought game. His parents, Vernon and Darcee, and girlfriend, Katie, can be seen in the stands at most games.

Breunig has worked as a landscaper this summer. His favorite part of the job is being outside and working with great people. He’s looking forward to obtaining a “big boy job” in the upcoming months.

Outside of work and football, Breunig enjoys hunting and fishing as well as playing softball. Ever since he was little, he has cheered on the Green Bay Packers. He also happens to keep up on his physique. How many kickers do you know can bench press 425 pounds?

In football, Hunter looks up to Marquette King, the punter for the Oakland Raiders. Hunter says he came from nowhere and is now a top three punter in the National Football League.