Racine Raiders Football Club | Racine, Wis. |

Quarterback – Anthony Johnson

Racine Raiders backup quarterback Anthony JohnsonThroughout his 2015 rookie campaign, Johnson backed up former starting quarterback Craig McClelland. In his time in games last season, Johnson showed to be a promising player, completing 42 of 71 passes for 563 yards and 7 touchdowns while only throwing 1 interception. He also rushed for 60 yards and 3 touchdowns on 14 attempts. Now in his second season, it’s time for him to lead the Racine Raiders on the field as the starting quarterback.

Growing up in Racine, the Raiders have always been one of Johnson’s favorite teams. He has always aspired to be a member of the team, but another aspect that really excites him is the opportunity to play football with his cousin, Adaris Anderson, whom he grew up with. When asked about the atmosphere surrounding the Raiders organization, Anthony responded, “The Raiders organization treats their players well and does a great job getting you involved with the community.”

When it comes to game day, you can find Johnson’s mom, Vicki Dyess, at every home game. He’s also expecting another special someone to show up at his games this year. Johnson says that he’s looking forward to seeing his six-month-old daughter, Avah, in the stands. Johnson looks up to his mother and father for raising him to be the young man that he has become.