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Quarterback Anthony Johnson

Racine Raiders backup quarterback Anthony Johnson Anthony Johnson, “A.J.,” is one of the Raiders talented quarterbacks. This is A..’s first year as a member of the Racine Raiders. He wanted to play for the Raiders because he wanted to be a part of a winning program and the Racine Raiders was his favorite team as a kid.

A.J. thinks the Raiders are the best around because the organization takes care of its players. He feels it isn’t the ordinary semi-pro team because the Raiders have position coaches along with the head coach, directors, and a full team of board members. A.J. knows that the Racine Raiders are the only semi-pro team in the area to offer so much.

A Racine native, A.J. graduated from Horlick High School. He played for two years at a junior college, Mesabi Range College, and then one year at Stevens Point University before graduating.

At every game, A.J.’s fans include, his dad (Larry Johnson), mom (Vicki Dyess), uncle (Chris Johnson), nephew (Ayden Neris), niece (Layla Dyess), cousin (Aniyah Williams) and his girlfriend (Jessica Phrakousonh).

When A.J. isn’t concentrating on football, he works with at-risk youths at the violence free zone at Starbuck (also his middle school). This is his first year working with the violence free zone, but he’s been devoting time with at-risk youths since 2009. He finds this very rewarding for several reasons including being able to help people out and trying to make a difference in someone’s life. He’s wanted to work with kids since he was in high school.

Racine Raiders backup quarterback Anthony Johnson Growing up, A.J. didn’t dream about being in the National Football League, but rather the National Basketball Association. Football didn’t become one of his favorite sports until he reached high school.

Before every game, A.J. spends time with his dad. They discuss things to do and to watch out for and then they say a little prayer. A.J.’s been doing this before every game since playing in little league sports.

A.J. really enjoys singing, even though he really can’t. So, the next time you hear someone singing out of tune, nice and loud, look around for A.J.