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Racine Raiders Board of Directors hold annual elections

Racine Raiders logoThe Racine Raiders board of directors held their annual election of officers for the non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, on Wednesday night. Six positions were voted upon. The positions and elected officials are:

  • President – Matt Nelson
  • Vice President of Administration – Mike Tingwald
  • Vice President of Operations – Clyde Freehling
  • Secretary – Greg Fictum
  • Treasurer – Connie Jorgensen
  • General Manager – Bob Marcado

Matt Nelson is a lifelong Racine resident, former business owner and former All-American tight end for the team. Nelson was the team’s offensive coordinator for the least National Championship in 2012.

“I am honored to be chosen for this position with the organization,” Nelson said after the elections. “We are reaping the rewards of what others before us have done and all of the hard work that this board, past presidents, and a plethora of volunteers have accomplished.”

Nelson further commented on the goals of the organization.

“Our goal is to remain the premiere semi-pro football organization in the United States. We have something extraordinary here and we want to keep improving,” said Nelson. “The Raiders objectives are consistent – to give the great community of Racine a quality team they can be proud of, promote football through the many youth and high school programs throughout our community, and give college players an opportunity to continue to display their talents on the field.”

Additionally, the Racine Raiders partner with the community by supporting and helping many other community organizations, hosting the All-County Football Banquet, and annually awarding four college-bound students with scholarships.

As a non-profit organization, the Racine Raiders do not have a single owner, but are run by a board of directors, which currently consists of 14 members.