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Raiders schedule and players roll on Belle Urban System buses

Racine Raiders billboard ad on a B.U.S.For the second straight year, the Racine Raiders will be featured prominently on a Belle Urban System bus. Raiders players Justin Ankley, Chris Hicks, Craig McClelland and DiQuan McRae are featured on the ads that are on the sides of buses. All four players played high school football in Racine.

The billboards show photos of the four players with their position, high school, and graduation year listed. Racine Raiders billboard ad on a B.U.S.McRae and Ankley both attended Case High School. McClelland went to Union Grove, where he will take over head football coach duties this season, and Hicks attended Park High School.

The 2015 Racine Raiders schedule and website address are also prominently displayed.

The billboards were designed by Kris Martinez and the photography was by Justin Edwards.