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Running Back Austin Tenner

Austin TennerRacine Raiders running back Austin Tenner has been absent from Historic Horlick Athletic Field thus far this season and with good reason. He is currently wrapping up training to be a Logistics Specialist in the Army National Guard at Fort Lee in Virginia.

Austin grew up in Racine and has been playing football since he was seven. He played with Racine Youth Sports (RYS) before attending Park High School where he played running back. He missed time in his sophomore and junior seasons in high school due to injuries and that reinforced his love of football and made sure he wouldn’t take it for granted.

After graduating from Park High School in 2012, he went to the University of Dubuque for the spring semester before returning home to be closer to his family. Following his time at Dubuque, he went to Carthage College in Kenosha for a year and then moved on to UW-Whitewater. Austin is majoring in Physical Education with an emphasis on Health and Human Performance and Recreation and Athletic Training with a minor in Athletic Coaching.

Austin joined the Raiders three years ago after talking with some friends that were on the team. He’s made plays on the field since joining the Raiders, both as a running back and return specialist. Austin also went out for the Raiders because he still wanted to play football and show that he still could play football.

Austin Tenner CelebratesAustin enjoys playing football because it’s fun and he says if you enjoy something and can do it, why not do it. His favorite thing about playing at Historic Horlick Athletic Field is playing in front of the fans and the kids that come out to watch them play. He loves that they can come on the field after the game and it gives him a chance to talk with the kids and he hopes he can help them make better choices.

Before a game Austin has three songs that he listens to the night before as he lays out his uniform. On the day of the game he listens to music, packs up his bag, and then likes to get to the field to stretch before the team warm-ups start.

Austin joined the military after talking to his uncle, who was a member of the Navy, because he felt it was best for his current situation and he can’t wait to be back to playing in front of the fans at Historic Horlick Athletic Field.

Austin wants to let anyone reading this to know to not ever give up on yourself or your dreams and go after it. Thank you, Austin, for serving this country and for being a positive role model off and on the field for the Raiders.