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Running Back Troy Collier

Troy Collier escapes an Illinois Cowboys defender en route to a punt return for a touchdown.

PHOTO: Dan Scherbert, FStop Milwaukee

Troy Collier is in his third season with the Racine Raiders, having previously played for the Racine Threat. This season will bring change for the veteran. Collier will be switching from wearing #19 to wearing #28, a number with much more significance for him. In addition, he’ll be seeing more time in the offensive backfield.

“Going back to running back and wearing number 28, and just coming with a new approach this year, I think I’m going to maximize my potential, says Collier. “Not just because of a new number but because I’m back in the backfield and going to be getting used the ways I think I should be used. It seems like a nice fit.”

The change has worked to Collier’s, and the Raiders, advantage early on in 2019. In 15 games last season, Collier touched the ball 28 times for 320 yards and four touchdowns. While the touchdowns haven’t come yet, Collier already has 221 combined yards of offense and has surpassed his rushing total from last year through just three games.

“Yeah, it’s good to be at running back,” says Collier. “It’s kind of the position I’ve been in my whole life. I’m a team player so I go where the team needs me most and wide receiver was that position. I feel I can make more plays out of the backfield and be an asset to the team.”

Troy Collier playing the sax with the Smith-Nelson Project prior to the game against the Illinois Cowboys on June 29, 2019.

PHOTO: MyEyes Photography by Scott Olsen

Collier carries what he’s learned on the field and helps youth in the Racine community off the field. Collier is involved in a youth sports organization run through St. Catherine’s High School where he coaches a fifth grade team. He also runs a flag football league through the YMCA.

“My passion is helping the kids in the city I grew up in,” says Collier. “It means a lot to me to be the face of a young soul that’s putting all he can back into the community.”

His full-time job is at Mitchell Middle School where he’s trying to help keep kids on a straight path and get them out and about and staying active. Thanks for all you do for the Racine Raiders and the youth in our community, Troy! You’re another shining example of the Raiders making a difference in our community and being your hometown team!