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Superback – Dale Wroblewski

Dale WroblewskiPerhaps you’ve been asking yourself lately if anyone on the Racine Raiders roster has a sense of humor when it comes to the “Player of The Game” interviews. Well, I’m happy to inform you that the answer to that question is yes. Many folks may have never even heard of the position played by Dale Wroblewski. He’s classified as a superback, now in his second season after transferring from the
offensive line.

According to Wroblewski, “It’s a blend of every offensive position. The ideal superback is 20% power, 45% determination, 40% intelligence, and 15% math.”

I regret to inform you, Wroblewski, that those percentages actually add up to 120%.

Wroblewski played against Racine before with other teams and secretly wished he could be with the Raiders. When he moved to Milwaukee, it became a no-brainer.

He made sure to give me the most ‘middle of the road’ answer possible regarding the atmosphere around your Racine Raiders, saying that the organization is “loose and serious.”

Wroblewski’s nickname with the team is “Brewski,” simply because Mike Peterson can’t pronounce his last name. Don’t worry Mike, I can’t either.

When it comes to game day preparation, most players tell me about how they pump up with music or spend quality time with family. Wroblewski is not most players.

Dale Wroblewski running with football.“I start by putting on my pants, one leg at a time of course. Then, I’ll generally put on my socks and shoes. Occasionally, I will put my shorts on over my football pants before I put socks on, but not always.”

In the stands, Wroblewski has his parents (Bob and Judy), his fiancé (Chelsea), and her family cheering him on. He also mentioned his kickball team, Bart Winkler, and his coworkers who never come in that same response.

Outside of football, Wroblewski works in wealth management at Baird and helps people with retirement planning, investments, and insurance. He grew up in Oconomowoc, but now lives by the lake where he enjoys reasonable temperatures. He’s looking forward to getting married to Chelsea come September.

In his free time, he spends quality time with Jack Whiskers, who just so happens to be his cat. His favorite music artist is “Racine beats legend Ashetre.”

“He’s been making dope beats in his mom’s basement for years,” says Wroblewski.

As a child, Wroblewski says he wanted to be “a big skyscraper, but not too big, I mean you could handle it.”

I have no comment. He also believes that he was born with a tail. Nobody ever said anything about it, it’s just a suspicion he has. I still have no comment.

On a more serious note now, his favorite team is your own Racine Raiders. He looks up to Coach Kennedy. Wroblewski credits Kennedy with being the best leader he has had in any sport at any level.