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Tight End – Tyler Elliott

Racine Raiders tight end Tyler ElliottTyler Elliott is in his second season with the Racine Raiders. Elliott plays tight end and can be seen on every special teams play. Late in the game, with the Raiders up big, you might also see Elliott playing linebacker when the coaches put him in to “finish up the game.”

Growing up watching the Racine Raiders, Tyler always wanted to one day play for the team he remembers rooting for. Tyler feels that the Racine Raiders have a very long history, is such a great organization, and have awesome fans that there just wouldn’t be another team he would want to play for.

Tyler has been playing football since he was seven years old, which makes that 15 years of playing ball. Throughout his football career he has played multiple positions including quarterback, running back, tight end, linebacker, and safety.

When Tyler is not playing football you can find him racing and riding his dirt bike. He’s been racing motocross since he was five years old, all over the United States. He also enjoys playing baseball, and snowboarding in the winter.

Racine Raiders tight end Tyler Elliott splits two Sheboygan County Rebels defenders.On game day mornings, Tyler prepares for the game by starting off his day with breakfast as he listens to music to pump him up and watches college or pro player highlights to sharpen his skills. He then makes his way out to Razor Sharp Fitness to make sure he is properly stretched out and relaxed to help prevent any injuries, before heading to the field.

It’s not always easy to find a 20-something with such heart and determination. Tyler is dedicated to the Racine Raiders, not only with his commitment to the team and the organization, but with his continued support of our community.

Every time there is an event or a special fundraiser, Tyler is one of the first to raise his hand to volunteer. The Raiders are very thankful to have such a dedicated player in our organization. Tyler especially shines around our youth, making sure to slap all of those little hands outside of the locker room and taking the time to chat with the fans. Tyler continually makes a difference.