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Trading Post Managers, Paul and Chris Miller

Chris and Paul MillerIf running one small business isn’t enough to keep them occupied, Paul and Chris Miller take on another. As the proprietors of Household Help, Chris is busy scheduling employees and clients during the week. On weekends, she becomes the volunteer “proprietor” of the Raiders’ Trading Post.

She and her husband Paul have always been big Raiders fans, attending games since the 1980’s. About ten years later, they went to the Raiders website and filled out a volunteer form. Shortly after that, they were helping Connie Jorgensen with the Trading Post. They took over the operations ten years ago and have been running it since.

As for the job, they enjoy the fans that stop by, and listen to suggestions on what kind of items to carry.

“Every once in a while a suggestion works out well, and at other times, we end up with stuff we’ve had for years,” Chris said.

For Paul and Chris, the season starts in February. They start going through catalogs, picking out merchandise, and contacting vendors to get the best price they can. Then it’s the storing and finally the stocking of the items. Chris has become an expert at folding shirts neatly for display.

“I have folded thousands over the years,” she said.

The season does get long, and Paul and Chris do enjoy getting their Saturdays back around October. It’s just a few short months, however, before they start all over again.

The best part of the job according to Chris is interacting with the fans and seeing them so excited about Raiders football. She did have one complaint.

“The building we were in was nice,” she lamented. “You could stock the shelves and leave it there. But since they tore it down for the new restrooms, we are under a tent with a trailer. It makes it a bit hard to step up and down to get an item, and it can get breezy when the wind blows.”

Are Paul and Chris thinking about retirement?

“We haven’t got to that point yet,” she says.

Paul and Chris have been the faces of the Raiders Trading Post for a good number of years, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

If you would like to become a part of the Raiders family, go to the website at www.RacineRaiders.com, click on the “Contact” tab, and tells us about yourself.