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Volunteer Profile: Girls Behind Bars

Racine Raiders ticket office volunteers

The “inmates” starting at the top left and going clockwise, are Kim Stuebbe, Jean Hansen, Helen Bensene, and Christine Larosa.

Yes, they are all wearing bright yellow shirts, and it is true that they are behind bars. These, however, are the first friendly faces Raiders fans see when they come to a home game at Horlick Athletic Field.  There is no doubt about it, they have done their time. Between the four of them, there is a combined total of 56 years of community service as Raiders volunteers.

Kim Stuebbe is the ticket manager for the Raiders. She was recruited by late Raider general manager Bob Marcado 15 years ago. Her job is to supervise the staff and recruit new staff members. On game day, she and her staff get to the field around 5 p.m. and work until around 9 p.m. She picks up the tickets and, together, they count them, make sure they are in numerical order and get ready for the fans to show up.

Asked if they get to see the game, Kim replied “We might be able to see a little bit during the second half.”

That’s after they get done counting the ticket stubs and get the attendance number for the game up to the press box. Kim says she also puts in about two hours at home during the week reconciling the gate from the game and getting ready for the next home game.

As for the rest of the staff, Jean Hansen enjoys the job.

“It’s a lot of fun meeting the fans and greeting them at the gate,” she said.

How did Helen Bensene get involved?

“My son-in-law, James Mathews, was a player at one time. I went to the games and got interested in volunteering.”

Unfortunately, Christine Larosa couldn’t talk to us. She was already taking care of fans at the will call window. But according to all four of them, they enjoy their work and will keep doing it until it isn’t fun anymore. And all of them agreed, that is a long way off.

If you would like to become a part of the Raiders family, go to the Raiders website and tell us about yourself.