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Volunteer Spotlight: Roy Sorensen

Racine Raiders volunteer Roy Sorensen.If he hadn’t gotten so irritated, Roy Sorensen probably wouldn’t be the proud owner of two Racine Raiders national championship rings.

As Roy relates to the story, he has been long-time friends with Raiders Field Operations Manager Mike Petersen and concessions volunteer Mike Dillon.

“I’ve know Mike Petersen for a number of years and Mike Dillon is a bowling buddy,” Sorensen said. “They kept asking me if I wanted to help out with the Raiders. They asked me so many times, it really got to be irritating until I said yes.”

After doing that Roy has no regrets as he goes into his third year with the Raiders.

Sorensen volunteers at the concessions stand weekdays during the high school baseball season. On Raiders game nights, he helps out at the front gate with guest relations.

Sorensen, who lives in Racine, is retired, which for him is a good thing.

“I put in around 30 hours a week when baseball and football are both going on,” he said.

For Roy, they are long hours, but the pride of volunteering for an organization like the Raiders outweighs any pay.

Though his time with the Raiders has been relatively short, he said that he has always felt as being an important part of the Raiders team even from day one. The greatest satisfaction he gets from being a Raiders volunteer is working with the other volunteers and meeting the fans on game day. The number one thrill of being a Raiders volunteer is getting his two championship rings.

“I was really surprised,” he said. “I never thought I would even get one.”

It was the feeling he said that made him feel he was a part of a total team effort in making those championship seasons happen.

If you are interested in volunteering with the nine-time national champion Racine Raiders, click on the “Volunteer” link at the bottom of any webpage on the Raiders website and tell us about yourself.