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Volunteer Spotlight – Torilyn Simon

Torilyn SimonIt’s somewhat rare to find a 19-year-old that is willing to volunteer 10 to 12 hours every week during the summer. However, Torilyn Simon is one of them.

Tori is going on her third year as a Raiders volunteer. She got interested in the Raiders after watching what her father Greg Simon, and her “Uncle John” Weborg were doing with the team.

“He’s not really my uncle,” Tori said, referring to Weborg. “He and my dad are good friends and I’ve known him ever since I was little so we called him ‘Uncle John.'”

She thought it would be fun to get involved with the team also so, according to Tori, she asked her father if it would be okay. As a result of what she’s doing now, the answer Greg gave her was obvious.

Following her father and Weborg, Tori helps out with equipment and, during the game along with Carol Clark, runs water out to the players
during timeouts. During the week at practice, she helps get the equipment ready for the team to run their drills, and there’s always keeping the water bottles full and ready to go.

Reflecting on what her most memorable moment was with the team, Tori said it was meeting J.R. Taylor.

“He was the first player to say something to me,” she said. “Ever since, we have been best friends.”

Tori lives in Racine and works at Andis during the day, and she still finds time to help with the Raiders.

“I enjoy volunteering,” she said, “as well as sitting on the sidelines and watching the game.”

Asked how long she sees herself volunteering with the Raiders, she said, “Until I get tired.” She added she isn’t tired yet.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the 9-time national champion Racine Raiders, go to the Raiders website, click on the “Volunteer” link at the bottom of any page, and tell us about yourself.