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Wide Receiver – Alex Wallace

Alex WallaceAlex Wallace was home-schooled until 8th grade. His first time playing tackle football? Freshman year at Brodhead High School. Wallace has never looked back and is now bringing his talents to your Racine Raiders. Not only is this the wide receiver’s first year with the Raiders, but it’s his first year in semi-pro football.

Wallace grew up in a small town in the Madison area named Brodhead.

“It is only a town of 3,200 people,” he says.

Accompanying his passion for playing football is his passion for going to the gym to workout. Wallace knows that time is precious, that’s why he also enjoys hanging out with his friends because he doesn’t get to see them as often as he’d like to.

Wallace has one goal once pregame time rolls around.

“I mainly just block everything out around me all the way up to kickoff,” he says. “It’s just me and myself, looking down towards the ground most of the time, in the zone, and just thinking about the game and visioning myself playing well.”

Immediately after the National Anthem is performed, Wallace gets a quick prayer in and then it’s down to business for the rest of the night.

Wallace’s parents and family come to cheer him on during Raiders games. They’ve been his biggest line of support throughout his entire life, whether it be in sports, school, or just the way he was raised and brought up.

If you had any doubts whether or not Wallace believes in the “team before self” mantra, check out his thoughts regarding his favorite sports team.

“My favorite sports team is the Golden State Warriors because they are a team, a true team,” he states. “They play together, thrive off of each other, and are only worried about one thing and that is getting the win. They play the game the way it is supposed to be played, together. No one is selfish or worried about their stats.”

Wallace looks forward to mainly one thing in the future – the future itself. He’s excited to see what it holds for him, where it’ll take him, and what he’ll accomplish within the next five-to-ten years. The one that can help him obtain his goals in the future is the one he looks up to, which is his Lord. In addition, he looks up to each and every one of his family members. They all have unique traits or ways of thinking that he admires.