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Wide Receiver – D.J. Smith

Racine Raiders wide receiver D.J. SmithGoing on his second season with the Racine Raiders, DaJerrian Smith (#9) is looking to up his game. Smith has played wide receiver for the Raiders during his time here, but why the Raiders you ask? Smith played on other football teams, but none were as organized or as professional as your Racine Raiders.

“It reminds me of playing college football,” according to Smith, who played at the University of Findlay.

Smith grew up right here in Racine. It’s home to him. He lived in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Findlay, Ohio, before, but none of them have even come close to the feeling he gets from Racine. He even offered up some examples of the things he enjoys most about our town.

“I love the oasis, the beach, our lighthouse, the 4th of July, Pancake Day, and so many more lovely things that happen in my home town,” Smith said.

D.J. Smith returns a punt for a touchdown against the Quad City Raiders.When it comes down to gameday, Smith is all business. He puts his headphones in, blasts the volume up all the way, participates in some dynamic warmups and footwork drills, and makes sure he can visualize himself getting into the endzone.

What is Smith listening to? Most likely his favorite musical artists, including J. Cole, Nas, Kevin Gates, or TI.

Up in the stands, Smith has some special people watching. There’s his mother, Margaret Smith, and father, Jerry Smith, his girlfriend, Clarretha Simpson, and the man who started his football career, Racine Youth Sports (RYS) coach Bob Jarosz.

Racine Raiders wide receiver D.J. Smith catches his first touchdown as a Raider.Career-wise, Smith is a health and fitness coach. For the past four years, he has been thrilled to help others make smart and healthy decisions regarding their fitness. In the future, he plans on running his own personal training and sports performance facility. Smith responded with some motivation as to why he wants to run this business.

“Helping athletes and others get to their goals,” he states. “I want to do summer programs to help the youth be active. I want to have a scholarship for a special individual to help them go to college, and many other things.”

Smith’s nickname has always been the short and simple, DJ. Like most kids, he wanted to be a professional football player. His favorite sports teams are the hometown favorites, including the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Bucks.

When he isn’t working or playing football, you can catch Smith participating in some of his favorite hobbies, including riding his motorcycle, listening to music, and traveling.

When it comes to who he looks up to, Smith says, “First and foremost, God and my parents.”