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Wide Receiver Myles Spiegel

Myles Spiegel profile pictureIn his third year with the team, Myles Spiegel has become a rising star in the Racine Raiders family. In high school, Spiegel played safety but converted to wide receiver upon playing semi-pro football.

After finishing up college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Spiegel got the itch to play football again.

“I went to some games growing up and thought it was really cool how the whole town supported the team and showed love to the players and vice versa. I wanted to be a part of that, especially in my hometown,” says Myles.

He was working with a Raiders volunteer, Carol Clark, at the time and she bugged him into attending the tryouts.

Spiegel has no set ritual on game day. His girlfriend and he just purchased a home, so game day preparation is more like ‘work around the house’ time. Once he has arrived at the field, Spiegel sets up his objectives for the game and visualizes himself making plays.

Spiegel has quite a few people watching in the stands, including his girlfriend (Emily), his dad (Myles, Sr.), his mom (Barb), and her boyfriend (Chris), occasionally his sisters, and some close friends.

Spiegel grew up in Racine. He provided an exceptional response in regards to what he loves about Racine, so much so that I decided to include the entire paragraph:

Myles Spiegel running for the endzone against the Milwaukee County Chargers“It’s home. I am a big believer of no matter how good or bad home is, it’s home. And you gotta have love for where you came from. I really enjoy Lake Michigan. I love fishing so I am down at the lake fishing as much as possible. A favorite restaurant of mine is Brew House (probably because it’s on the lake). The 4th of July is always one of my favorite days in Racine. We put on a really good parade, and it’s nice to see the community come together and celebrate.”

Spiegel has been a physical education teacher at Mitchell Middle School for three years. He is blessed to have the opportunity of being a role model to the young Racine community and given the tools to build positive relationships with his students. In addition, Spiegel is in his third year as the varsity wide receivers and defensive backs coach at Horlick High School. In his free time, Myles goes fishing as much as possible, a hobby which his dad introduced him to and which he fell in love with as a young boy.

Spiegel is looking forward to starting his own family very soon! He and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl. As a child, just like almost every single person I’ve interviewed, Spiegel dreamed of playing in the National Football League, perhaps for his favorite team, the Green Bay Packers.

He looks up to his parents and sisters most of all. They have accomplished many things, including helping mold him into the adult he has become.